My Life as a Teenage Robot

American animated science fantasy television series

My Life as a Teenage Robot is an animated TV show on Nickelodeon about the misadventures of a tomboyish robot girl with the mind of a teenager.

Season 1


It Came from Next Door/Pest Control [1.1]

Brad: Hi, Jenny, my name's Brad– Whoa, a real life robot!
Jenny: A real life teenager!
Both: [in unison] Whoa! Look at that, and those and the hair. [laughs]
Brad: So, you're like a super hero who goes around the world having death-defying adventures and defeating dastardly villains?
Jenny: Mm-hmm.
Brad: Sweet!
Jenny: And you're a teenager who goes to high school and meet tons of other kids and hangs out with them?
Brad: Of course.
Jenny: Cool!

Raggedy Android/Class Action [1.2]


Attack of the 5 1/2 Ft. Geek/Doom with a View [1.3]

[Sheldon is being thrown across the room by a bunch of bullies]
Jenny: Excuse me, I need to speak with the young man you're terrorizing.

Ear No Evil/Unlicensed Flying Object [1.4]

Nora: Earrings? I designed a "state of the art", crime-fighting robot, not some simple mannequin to hang with googols and gimcrackery!

Jenny: It's got to be around here somewhere.
Brad: [tagging along while flying the jet pack] How about that gas station?
Jenny: No, that's a tra... [realizes] Huh?! Brad, what are you doing?
Brad: Duh. Trying out my new jet pack.
Jenny: I meant, what are you doing here?
Brad: Helping you find the UFO.
Jenny: You can't do that. This is a very delicate intergalactic situation. Turn around and go home right now.
Brad: Your lips say, "go home," but your eyes say…
Jenny: Leave? Look, Brad, this could be dangerous, and I can't watch out for you.
Brad: You don't have to. I can take care of myself.

Tuck: [enters the UFO cockpit] Brad? [gasps upon seeing Brad fiddling around with the controls] Brad, what are you doing?! You're gonna blows us up or vaporize us or get us grounded! [Brad pulls a lever starting up the UFO as it starts rising off the ground] Or get us ungrounded. [Jenny hears the UFO rising, turns around, and sees it flying out the woods and into the sky] Get us down, get us down, get us down!
Brad: I'm trying, I'm trying, I'm trying! [The UFO screeches to a stop in midair] Did that stop it?
Tuck: No. [points to Jenny with her foot on it] That did.
Jenny: I thought I told you to stay put.
Brad: Well, we tried, but then you…
Jenny: Put the ship down.
Brad: That's what I...
Jenny: Down!
Brad: But...
Jenny: Now.

Jenny: [walks to the driver's seat, getting Brad her attention] Brad. Brad? [shouts] BRAD!
Brad: [snapping back to reality] What? W-what's going on?
Jenny: You're done driving. That's what's going on.
Brad: [smacks her hand away] Hey, who put you in charge of me?

Alien Karl: [as he and his wife walk back to their UFO] Yeah, well, personally, I can't wait to get off this hick planet. Bunch of rip-off artists, these earthlings. $5 for a cup of coffee. No extraterrestrial discount at the hotel, and I know that bellboy stole my tricorder!

Party Machine/Speak No Evil [1.5]

Jenny: Your little girl is growing up.
Nora: You're right, XJ-9. Well technically you're wrong because you're a robot and will remain a teenager forever, but metaphorically, you're absolutely right.

Jenny: How is it, again, that you know the Minutians will land here?
Nora: They always land here. Why do you think I moved here?

Tuck: Hi, Jenny! How was Japan?
Jenny: [in Japanese] Good afternoon.
Tuck: "Konichiwa"? Cool! [He and his brother were given two gifts from Jenny] For us?
Brad: Aw, you didn't have to bring these.
Jenny: [in Japanese] Eh, no big.
Tuck: "So ne". Hahaha!
Brad: [laughs] I got to run to the mall. Hey, Jenny, you want to come?
Jenny: [in Japanese] Sure.
Brad: Huh?
Jenny: [in Japanese] What's wrong with you? Don't you hear me? I love going to the mall. [she is surprised] Why Japanese? Why am I only speaking Japanese? Why? AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!

See No Evil/The Great Unwashed [1.6]

Jenny: [takes off her old eyes, sets them on her bed, and puts on the multi-functional bug-eyed eyes] Whoa, you're all blocky style.
Nora: That's digital vision. Flip through the other settings.
Jenny: [flipping through] Ultraviolet vision. Infrared vision. X-ray vision! Heat vision! Rainbow vision. Oh, pretty colors! Wow, I even have sausage vision. [flips back to normal setting]
Nora: So, what you think?
Jenny: I think… [turns around, revealing the eyes are too big for her] I'll be the coolest-looking teenager ever!

Jenny: Hey, Mom, which setting is number one?
Nora: The number one? Normal.
Jenny: That's funny. I thought you said, "normal."
Nora: I did.
Jenny: [looks at her reflection, then Nora, then everything, all completely normal; enraged] Normal? You call this normal?! How could you do this to me?!
Nora: Do what? What are you talking about?
Jenny: I'm talking about these wiggly-squiggly bug snakes you call eyes!
Nora: XJ-9, you're not looking at the big picture.
Jenny: And you're not looking at this picture. It's called, "I made my daughter a total dweeb."
Nora: You don't look dweeb; I think you look very pa-hat.
Jenny: It's pronounced "fat," mother, and giant periscopes in your head are not phat, dope, or even cool! I want my old eyes back.
Nora: What? But these are far more efficient.
Jenny: Who cares about efficiency?
Nora: I do. And so should you, young lady. Now, stop being silly.
Jenny: The only way to stop being silly is to lose these jokes. [ditches the bug-eyed eyes, leaving her sightless]
Nora: XJ-9, you cannot go sightless. You have a job to do.
Jenny: Give me my old eyes back, and I'll do it.
Nora: Absolutely not.
Jenny: Fine! [starts walking off] I'll save the world without your stinking eye...[trips over a hot dog cart, getting hot dog wieners in her eye holes]
Nora: If you can't even conquer a hot dog cart, how can you hope to conquer evil?

The Return of the Raggedy Android/The Boy Who Cried Robot [1.7]


Sibling Tsunami/I Was a Preschool Dropout [1.8]

[Jenny returns home, enters the kitchen, and finds a note Nora left on the fridge]
Jenny: [reading the note] "Gone to town for supplies. Please move quantum gigulator to the basement. Love, Mom. P.S.: I left some motor oil out in case you get thirsty." [sadly] Cheers. [drinks some oil and walks down to the basement, putting the quantum gigulator in place; notices a door] A door? I never noticed that before.

XJ-7: I guess no one's going to introduce me. [slumps onto the ground] I'm worthless.
XJ-5: You're not worthless, XJ-7. Why, melted down, you'd easily fetch $20 at the recycling plant.

Hostile Makeover/Grid Iron Glory [1.9]

Jenny: [annoyed at Brad] Well, Brad, thanks for making me look like a complete… [deep voice] fool.
Brad: Whoa!
Jenny: [covering her mouth] Oh, no! Now my voice vocoder is malfunctioning too! [the baby laughs at her; dashes out of the restaurant and into an alley with a paper bag on her head] Great. I'll have to wear this bag on my head forever, and it smells like fish tacos.
Brad: Everyone goes through this, Jen. It's completely natural.
Jenny: [as the nanobot hacks into her mood-o-tron, making her feel happier] You're right. It's not so bad. Hey, maybe this bag thing will become a new fad: Fish taco bag heads!
Brad: That's the spirit.
Jenny: [as the nanobot changes her mood again to anger] This is all your fault. [tackles Brad up against the wall] You and your lousy cover-up!
Brad: ♪ Someone's having mood swings. ♪
Jenny: [as the nanobot changes her mood again to sadness; whining] I'm sorry, sweet Brad. Please forgive me!
Brad: Don't sweat it, Jen. Hey, I bet you've already started to clear up.
Jenny: Really? You think so?
Brad: Sure.
Jenny: [takes the paper bag off her head] How do I look?

Dressed To Kill/Shell Game [1.10]

Tiff: Whatever. You better find some inspiration and fast or we're gonna take our business elsewhere.

Daydream Believer/This Time with Feeling [1.11]

Jenny: [gushing] Oh my gosh, and then I enjoyed a glass of juice for the first time - orange juice! It tasted like apple! Then Don and I sat in a hot tub, and I didn't electrocute him!
Brad: You know, Jenn, dreams are more fun to have than to hear about.

Jenny: I can turn my dream off anytime I want to. I'm in total control.
Brad: Is that why you've been jumping on desks and riding drinking fountains?

Jenny: [giggling] That tickles. [giggles more]
Brad: Yeah, they are a little primitive, you'll probably feel better without 'em.
Jenny: Yeah, you're right. [raises her arm up showing the last of her nerve ending, she touches it; and she laughs]

Saved by the Shell/Tradeshow Showdown [1.12]

Don: What’s your malfunction, lugnuts? If it’s that robot chick you’re after, you can have her! She’s nothing special.
Silver Shell: You take that back! Take it back!
Don: What’s the matter, loser? Did I strike a nerve?

Jenny: [notices the giant fly again] You again? You’ve bugged me for the last time! [activates into a bug zapper as the fly touches it, shocking him and instantly killing him]

Nora: XJ-9? XJ-9. XJ-9!
Jenny: [taking off her headphones] Mother, please don't call me that in front of the other robots! It's so embarrassing.
Nora: But I…
Jenny: Can't you call me Jenny, just for today?!
Nora: Yes, but I…
Jenny: Now, just leave me be until we get to the convention.
Nora: We are at the convention.
Jenny: Thanks, Mom! [gets out of the car and dashes off] See you later!
Nora: XJ-9, wait!

The Wonderful World of Wizzly/Call Hating [1.13]

Jenny: You humans should be ashamed of yourselves. Tormenting harmless robots this way. Be free, little woodland robots.
Raccoon Robot: Where are we supposed to go?
Jenny: [darkly] I said…be free.

[after all the park robots have go wild]
Tuck: Well, this is another fine mess you've gotten us into, Jennifer.

Jenny: That was horrible!
Brad: Okay, the waterfall was pretty weak. Just consider it a warm up for what's to come.
Jenny: A warm up?
Brad: Sure, ya gotta start somewhere.
Tuck: And the rest of the rides only get better.
Jenny: [upset] And do the rest of these rides make fools out of robots too?
Brad: What are you talking about?
Jenny: I'm talking about hydrolic surges forced into your hips to make them shake. Do you have any idea what that can do to a ball and socket joint?
Brad: Come on, Jenny. It's all in good fun!
Jenny: Yeah, fun for the humans! How'd you like to sing some stupid song over and over all day long?

Season 2


Robot For All Seasons/Pajama Party Prankapalooza [2.1]


Future Shock / Humiliation 101 [2.2]

Jenny: Looks like I'll have to settle for Brad again.
Brad: Settle? What's that supposed to mean?
Jenny: I just…I just meant-
Brad: Meant what? Brad's not datable? Brad's a loser? Brad couldn't get a date if he were rich, handsome and the last man on planet earth?
Jenny: I just meant we could go together if I couldn't find anyone else.
Brad: Don't you mean anyone better?
Jenny: No, I-
Brad: You must be pretty desperate.
Jenny: Look who's talking. I heard Kiki dumped you for Don Prima.
Brad: Hey, I dumped her!
Jenny: Was that before or after you got down on your knees and begged her to go to the movie with you?
Tuck: Juicy!
Brad: Well, at least I have options. Anyway, who says I'd settle for you? I already have a date.
Jenny: Oh, yeah?! Who?!
Brad: That's for me to know and you never to find out. That is unless you find a date, which I doubt! [leaves while laughing]
Jenny: [yelling out the window] I DEMAND to know the name of your date!
Brad: Over my dead body!
Jenny: Don't give me any ideas! [slams the window door closed]

Last Action Zero / Mind Over Matter [2.3]

Crater Critters: I guess you could say… that when it comes to… fighting earthlings… we rock!
Jenny: Aw, nuts!
Crater Critter: Since you ruined our favorite hotspot, it only seems fair that we get to eat your brain!
Jenny: Uh, you wouldn't like my brain! It's all circuity and metallic!
Crater Critter: Oh, good! We haven't been getting our recommended daily allowance of iron! [pulls out scalpel]

Love 'Em or Leash 'Em / Teen Team Time [2.4]


"Sister Sledgehammer/Pajama Party Prankapalooza" [2.5]


Dancing With My Shell / Around the World in Eighty Pieces [2.6]

(after trying to dance with the SilverShell as he runs back into the gym again)
Jenny (XJ9): I've heard of playing hard to get, but hard to hang on to?!

Brad: (while escaping in the mini-jet from a flock of flying animals) What is this place?!
Sheldon: It's evolution gone mad!!

(after discussing how to find Jenny's pieces)
Tuck: Are you sure Dr. Wakeman will loan her mini-jet to a dwarf, two teens, and a disembodied head?

Armagedroid / Killgore [2.7]

(about all the people around)
Jenny: Wow, Killgore. How many people did you tell about this?
Killgore: Killgore has many adoring fans, that he shall destroy!!

A Pain In My Sidekick / Crash Pad Crash [2.8]

Jenny: Mom! You completely violated my privacy!
Nora: Privacy, schmivacy. There's science afoot. It's my latest invention: Sleepy-time Mist for insomniac babies. It's a lullaby in bottle without being addictive or causing diarrhea. [notices an oil can on the bed] Wait, what's this? Oil on the bed? And just look at the mess! It's like you're an animal or something. How many times must I tell you? It's an eyesore, a safety hazard, and against zoning regulations!
Jenny: [fueling her face up with red of irritation; cannot take it anymore] THAT'S IT! I can't take it anymore! You interfere with my phone calls, my eating habits, you bother me about everything! You probably read my diary.
Nora: You keep spelling "infatuation" wrong.
Nora: You've destroyed the rocket, but did you disarm the war head?
Jenny: Did I what the what?
Nora: It's the part that goes BOOM!
Jenny: Oops...

Artist: You destroyed my statue!
Mayor: You ruined my stage!
Bike Salesman: You wrecked my old timey bicycle!
Brad: Uh, no, that was me.
Bike Salesman: Oh, yeah. My mistake.

Sheldon: (to Dr. Wakeman) A secret underground lair! This makes my garage workshop look like a workshop in a garage!
Nora: Where did you get that idea? A gumball machine?
Sheldon: I'll have you know gumball machines contain valuable information!
Nora: You are an amateur!
Sheldon: You are a Know-It-All!
Nora: Milbrat!
Sheldon: Birdnose!
Nora: How dare you?!

Sheldon: (Subs) If you don't have her, and you don't have her, that means she's really missing!
Nora: We'll find her.
Sheldon: She could be anywhere between here and Cluster Prime!
Vexus: Cluster Prime?! THAT's why they won't stop calling me!

[Brad and Tuck drop out of the sky]
Jenny: Brad, Tuck!
Tuck and Brad: Jenny!
[Jenny and Brad hug while Tuck is in the middle]
Sheldon: I didn't get a hug.
[they let go of each other but their arms are on each other's shoulders]
Jenny and Brad: I'm so glad to see you.
Jenny: You crossed the galaxy just for me?
Tuck: Actually, we...
[Brad puts his hand over Tuck's mouth]
Brad: Yes, yes, we did.

Victim of Fashion [2.10]

Tiff: [about Jenny's transformations] Now she has fashion growing out of her floppy drive? How're we supposed to compete with that?
Brit: Dont fret, Tiff. We've been the fashion divas of this school for too long.

Sheldon: (to Jenny) But removing your weapons system? Are you sure that's such a good idea?
Brad: Yeah, Jen. Sounds pretty risky.
Jenny: [very certain] I don't care!!! It's better to be fashionable than functional. I want a slim-down look that will make Brit and Tiff look like stuffed sausages. Take it out! Take it all out!

Designing Women / Robot Riot [2.11]


Bradventure / Mama Drama [2.12]

Jenny: [facing Brad] I don't know how you did it but you came to my rescue and the bravery was 100% Brad,YOU'RE MY HERO! [She and Brad hugged]

Toying with Jenny / Teenage Mutant Ninja Troubles [2.13]


Season 3


Weapons of Mass Distraction/There's No Place Like Home School [3.1]


No Harmony with Melody/Tuckered Out [3.2]

Jenny: Brad, get away from her! She's up to something sinister!
Brad: What on earth are you talking about?!
Jenny: Everything she touches is destroyed. Bad stuff's been happening around her all day.
Brad: You've been following us? I think there's something wrong with you. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were jealous because I'm spending time with her instead of you.
Jenny: Don't be absurd. I'm...just trying to look out for you. [as she points to Melody] She's evil! Just like her father!
Melody Locus: [upset, loudly] NO, I'M NOT! [shy, quietly] I mean...I am not.
Brad: Look, Jen. Melody would never hide anything from me, and she is most certainly not evil. Come on, Melody. [As he walks away with Melody see some logs rolling down and Melody is flying with Brad to take off]
Jenny: She's a robot?
Brad: [to Melody] You're a robot? Jenny was right! You were hiding something from me!
Melody Locus: Please don't upset, Brad. The whole reason I ran away from my dad is because I want to live like a normal girl.
Brad: But you lie to me. How can I ever trust you now? [Melody kissed him] Duh, so she's mechanical.
Jenny: Oh no, you don't.
Brad: Jenny, have you lost your mind?!
Jenny: It's for your own good, Brad. You're too close to this to see the evil master plan at work.
Melody Locus: Brad!
Jenny: You'll be safe here while I'll take care of this. [flies off]
Melody Locus: Now look, Jenny. I know what you're thinking. Please let me...[as Jenny punches her]
Jenny: No more tricks, Miss Locus. [She begin to fight]
Tuck: Hey, what's going on?
Brad: You wouldn't understand, Tuck.
Tuck: Looks like Jenny's fighting your girlfriend Melody apparently a robot under predisposition that as the daughter of Dr. Locus, she must be evil while in fact it's all a thinly veiled streak of jealously over companionship.
Brad: Yeah, that's pretty much it.
Tuck: [laughing] They're fighting over you! [stops laughing] No, really. What's going on?

[After the fight]
Jenny: [to Melody] You're as evil as your father!
Melody Locus: [rage, to Jenny] I'm not evil! I'M A NORMAL GIRL! [as she explode with furiously rage and morph into her true form, coming out of her exo-skin and revealing herself to be a large, spiny, and terrifying insect-like robot armed with many weapons] I...AM...NORMAAAAL!!!!! [She attempts try to kill Jenny, everyone is terrified, but as soon she sees Brad, staring in petrified horror, she shifts back into her exo-skin, sadly] I...I don't belong here. I don't belong anywhere! [cries, she flies away]
Jenny: She had me dead to rights, she didn't destroy me.
Brad: [upset, to Jenny] Of course not! She's just a confused kid, a robot just like you who wanted to fit in.
Jenny: But what about all the disasters she caused?
Brad: What disasters?! [The car jumped attempts to smash Jenny and Brad, but suddenly Melody grab the car and put it back, she flies away again] Melody just saved our lives, Jen. Still think she's evil.
Jenny: Well, maybe I overreacted a little.
Tuck: Hey, wait a minute. Jen's got a point. If Melody wasn't tossing cars around like so much confetti. Who was?
Jenny: Yeah, not to mention all those other disasters...[as Carol the Cockroach lift her] Carol the champion cockroach? [Carol throws her away]
Brad: But why? [Carol kissed him]
Jenny: Looks like Brad's been quite the chick magnet lately. I think she's was the jealous one.
Tuck: So let me get this straight. This little cockroach has been wreaking havoc all over the place, because she's gaga for Brad? [pause, laughing hilariously]
Brad: Look, Carol. If I learned anything today it's that, I might not be ready for a serious romance. Besides, it would never work. You've got your career to think about. You understand, right? [Carol inhale and exhales and she hugged him and she hopping off] This has been the weirdest day in my life. Come on, guys. Let's go home.
Tuck: [Laughing, Brad grabbed his hand while he's walking] Oh, man. I'm never going to let you live this down. [still laughing]
Brad: [lonely] So long, Mel. [walks off]
[High up in the sky, Melody briefly flies by, staring down at Brad and emitting a glowing green heart-shaped spark of energy as a way of telling him she still loves him, before flying away as the episode ends]

Stage Fright/Never Say Uncle [3.3]


A Spoonful of Mayhem/Enclosure of Doom [3.4]


Girl of Steal/Mist Oppurtunities [3.5]


The Legion of Evil/The Price of Love [3.6]

Sheldon: I don't know. That looks like something you'd pick up at a garage sale!
Jenny: Sheldon, that's a mean thing to say!
Sheldon: It's not an insult. You can find a lot of nice stuff at a garage sale!
Jenny: You're just upset because you've never given anyone something so nice!

Teen Idol/Good Old Sheldon [3.7]

Old Sheldon: Jenny! [slowly walks towards Jenny and hits her on the head with his cane] You ruined my life! [falls on his back]
Jenny: Who are you, and what are you talking about?
Old Sheldon: [sits up] I'm your old pal! Sheldon!
Tuck: Crazy old person.
Brad: Move away slowly.
Old Sheldon: I'm Sheldon I tell ya! I just got me a few wrinkles since you abandoned me… [falls on his back again] 75 years ago!
Brad: That's crazy talk, pops.
Jenny: We just saw Sheldon yesterday.
Tuck: Yeah, hangin' out with those freaky Jenny worshiping aliens.
Old Sheldon: Those awful aliens. I remember it like it was yesterday.
Tuck: It was yesterday, you old--
Old Sheldon: [covers Tuck's mouth with his hand from talking] Hush, boy! I'm telling a story. When Jenny hurled those aliens into outer space… [Flashback to the previous episode; voice-over] I was onboard. I tried to get 'em to turn around, but there was a bit of a communication gap. Catching a ride back was impossible! I had to find work to survive. I couldn't keep up as a mechanic, couldn't master beauty salon work, and couldn't stomach the fast food industry.

Brad: So, was everything okay with Sheldon?
Jenny: Sheldon should be just fine.
Sheldon: [outraged] Jenny! How dare you let those pirates take me?! Who leaves a baby out in space with Space Pirates for 15 years?!
Jenny: It was the only way to get you back to the correct age. Now, I'm glad everything's back to normal.
Sheldon: Normal?! I've just spent 90 years of my life in outer space! And you call that normal?! I will never forgive you!

Infectious Personality/Trash Talk [3.8]

Tuck: Oh, you rolled doubles? We're using a spinner!
Brad: [as Jenny rolls her eyes, getting tired of their argument] This, from a guy who moves this thimble to the bonus square when I'm not looking.
Tuck: If you're not looking, how would you know?
Jenny: [having enough] Time-out, guys. [breaks them up] Time-out! It's just a game. It's not worth fighting over.

Agent 00' Sheldon/Indes-Tuck-tible [3.9]


Puppet Bride/Historionics [3.10]


Ball and Chain/Labor Day [3.11]


Voyage to the Planet of the Bikers/Queen Bee [3.12]


Samurai Vac/Turncoats [3.13]

Jenny: Give it up, XJ-4!
XJ-4: Don't get in the way, XJ-9, or I'll put you through the wringer!

XJ-4: [after Jenny punches her, sending her into a closet of Nora's shoes; groans] Once I finish sorting all these shoes, YOU'RE DONE FOR!

XJ-6: Well, if it isn't Mommy's favorite!
Jenny: Alright, XJ-6, who's controlling you?!
XJ-6: Oh, what do you ought to know?! So you can step in and save the day! It's always XJ-9, the big hero. What about the rest of us, chop litter?!

XJ-7: [after self-destructing herself] Oh, I'm such a loser. I can't even self-destruct right.

Nora: [last lines of the series] Jenny, did you forget to feed the tiger?


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