My Fake Fiancé

2009 television film directed by Gil Junger

My Fake Fiancé is a 2009 television film starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. It premiered on the ABC Family channel on April 19, 2009.


  • I'm so looking forward to our divorce.
  • [opening a moving box] Be the coffeemaker! Be the coffemaker!
  • We're holding a wedding, not a tailgate party, Vince.


  • I'd hate for our fake vows at our fake wedding to not be from the heart.
  • Girls love a guy that's been left at the altar. So I'll definitely be seeing some sympathy boom-chicka-wa-wa!
  • Wow. Talk about commitment issues. You're getting cold feet over our pretend wedding.


  • Steve: How is he at the horizontal hokey-pokey?
  • Pants: This is the first time I ransacked a place and left it cleaner than I found it.
  • Reverend Jim: I've been this job long enough to know when a couple is getting married for the wrong reasons. Some, they're in love with an idealized version of the person they are marrying. Others feel that they're simply too old to be single anymore. And some, well, some just want all the gifts.


Jennifer: Let me guess. You lease a really nice car you can never buy. You never cry in movies. And you only bang hot chicks.
Vince: Have we met?
Jennifer: No.

Vince: Hey, this is my dictionary!
Truck: No, it isn't, I bought it at a flea market.
Vince: To Vince on the occasion of his high school graduation. I am so proud of you. Love, Mom
Truck: Coincidence.

Jennifer: Hi, is Monkey there?
The Monkey: It's "The Monkey".
Jennifer: "The Monkey"? You're the kidding, right?

Jennifer: But it's all a lie!
Vince: Yeah, but it's a lie that came true.


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