My Date with the President's Daughter

1998 television film directed by Alex Zamm

My Date with the President's Daughter is a 1998 American made-for-television romantic comedy film produced by Walt Disney Television and premiered as part of ABC's revival of The Wonderful World of Disney. Hallie Richmond, the overprotected sixteen-year-old daughter of the President of the United States, just wants to go out on a date. She meets geeky Duncan, who isn't aware of her identity, and the two manage to slip away from Secret Service agents for a wild night out.

Written by Alex Zamm and William Robertson. Directed by Alex Zamm.
She's five minutes late, alert the National Guard. tagline.


  • [repeated line] What about the dance?
  • [sees his dad's stolen company car drive past him with three cops behind it] I really hate my life.
  • [confessing to Hallie] I’m not a rock climber. The only thing I’ve ever actually climbed in my life were stairs. And I’m not a bungee jumper. And the only thing I know about karate is what I saw in the Jackie Chan movies.
  • [Hallie and Duncan are crawling on the floor of the movie theater to loose the Secret Service] Oh. This isn’t sanitary. Do you have, like, a Wet Nap on you or anything?


Hallie: Come on, I want you to meet Daddy.
Duncan: You mean the President?... Of our country?

Duncan: [after buying a $730 outfit] What's your policy on returning items?
Store Clerk: There's no return on sale items.
Duncan: Heh. Heh. [sobs]

Duncan: I'll pick you up at seven. Where do you live?
Hallie: Oh, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It's a big white house, you can't miss it.

President Richmond: I'm not trying to keep her locked up, Carol. Just we have some special...circumstances here. It's not as if she's just some ordinary girl.
Carol Richmond: See? You see? That's just it. She *is* an ordinary girl. Face it George, we are the parents of a real-live, full-fledged teenager! And instance like this are going to happen more often if we try to keep her locked up in an ivory tower.
President Richmond: What about security?
Carol Richmond: That's what the Secret Service are for.

Duncan: Hallie, uh, why didn't you tell me you were the President's daughter?
Hallie: Oh that must've slipped my mind.

Hallie: What are your parents gonna do when you get home tonight?
Duncan: Grounded. For Life. No allowance. Oh, and I get to lick the garage clean once a week forever, plus a month.
Hallie: And I won't be allowed to date until I get married. So what difference does it make if we turn ourselves in? Just wait a few more hours. I mean, how much more trouble could we possibly get into? Duncan, this is our last night of freedom. Our last night. Let's at least go to the dance.
Duncan: You know something, Hallie? You're right. You are absolutely right. We should go to that dance because, tomorrow, I'm dead. So why not go now, enjoy the evening, then tomorrow, we kiss the teen years goodbye. Let's go to the dance!

Duncan: New clothes? Why? What's wrong with the clothes you have on?
Hallie: Duncan! Look at me.
Duncan: What? I think you look nice.
Hallie: I don't wanna look nice. I wanna look...HOT!

Hallie: [off-screen, sing-song voice] Ohhhh, Duncan.
Duncan: [exasperated] Not more dresses.
[the curtain pulls back as Hallie steps out of the dressing room, now wearing a sexy bubblegum-pink minidress. She pulls out her hairpin and shakes her hair loose as Duncan stares in awe]
Hallie: Well, Duncan, whaddaya think?
[She does a 360 twirl to let Duncan take it all in]
Duncan: Whoa...

Duncan: You seem to think that having a normal life is really glamorous, it's not. You wake up in the morning, you go to school, your teachers hassle you, you go home, your parents hassle you, you wake up in the morning, you do it all over again. Having a normal life, it's...really boring. I mean, look at you. You jet-set around the world, you meet really famous people...
Hallie: And every moment of every day is planned and scheduled for me. I mean, I don't even have time to have a boring moment.
Duncan: Not too many of those either since I met you.

[Duncan is frantically searching for Hallie and using a phone book to locate Steve Ellinger’s house. He’s wearing a goofy helmet that came with the minibike he stole]
Duncan: [knocking on door of a house] Hallie! Hallie!
Duncan: [door starts to open] Heeee-
[the owners turn out to be an elderly couple]
Duncan: —ellloo. Uh, hi. Sorry. Obviously you’re not Steve Ellinger. Is there a Steve Ellinger, Jr. here this evening?
Elderly woman: Close the door quick, Herb. It’s one of them psychos. [door shuts]

[Hallie insists Duncan try on an expensive leather jacket]
Hallie: Oh Duncan, this is so you!
Duncan: [looking at himself in mirror] Yeah, if I were dating someone named Yoko.


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