Muso Soseki

Japanese Zen-Buddhist teacher and landscape architect (1275-1351)

Musō Soseki 夢窓 疎石 (1275 – October 20, 1351) was a Rinzai Zen Buddhist monk and teacher, and a calligraphist, poet and garden designer. The most famous monk of his time, he is also known as Musō Kokushi 夢窓国師 ("national Zen teacher"), a honorific conferred to him by Emperor Go-Daigo.

Musō Soseki, 1275 - 1351, Japanese Zen master, calligraphist, poem writer, and garden designer


  • Thus have I rolled my life throughout
    Inside and out, reclined, upright.
    What is all this?
    A beating drum
    A trumpet's blare
    No more.

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  • As far as is known, the oldest work Muso signed with his pseudonym Bokutotsuso is dated 1334... Muso used this signature until the end of his life, and subtler characteristics or combinations of various factors can serve as clues.
    • Ildegarda Scheidegger, Bokutotsuso. Studies on the Calligraphy of the Zen Master Muso Soseki (1275-1351), 2005. p. 56

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