Arabic term for people engaged in jihad ("struggle")
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A mujahid (Arabic: مجاهد mujāhid) is one who struggles for the sake of Allah and Islam. The literal meaning of "Mujahid" is "struggler" or "striver" and common in Middle Eastern and Southwest Asian names.

The plural form of mujāhid is mujāhidūn in standard Arabic but the colloquial or dialectal form mujāhidīn (alternately spelled mujahideen) is more frequently encountered. A few English speakers use mujahids.


  • Siapa yang menuntut ilmu dengan niat yang ikhlas, dia mendapat kehormatan sebagai mujahid, pejuang Allah.
  • He who studies with sincere will, will be honored as a mujahid, defender of Allah.
  • "Not equal are those believers remaining [at home] - other than the disabled - and the mujahideen, [who strive and fight] in the cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives. Allah has preferred the mujahideen through their wealth and their lives over those who remain [behind], by degrees. And to both Allah has promised the best [reward]. But Allah has preferred the mujahideen over those who remain [behind] with a great reward."
    • Qur'an, 4:95 (Sahih International)
  • "And verily We shall try you till We know those of you who strive hard (for the cause of Allah) and the steadfast, and till We test your record"
  • Those [mujahideen] are freedom fighters. Those are people fighting for their own country and not wanting to become a satellite state of the Soviet Union, which came in and established a government of its choosing there, without regard to the feelings of the Afghans.
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