Muhammad Shah

Mughal emperor of India

Nasir-ud-Din Muḥammad Shah (born Roshan Akhtar 7 August 1702 – 16 April 1748) was the 12th Mughal emperor from 27 September 1719 to 16 April 1748.

Muhammad Shah

Quotes edit

  • Beware! open your eyes and take a lesson from the Divine Providence,
    How our misdeeds have assumed a Nadir figure (wonderful figure).
    • When Nader Shah met with Muhammad Shah at Delhi, on this Muhammad Shah extemporized the following couplet, (May 1739), also quoted in Ana-al-Haqq, p.9
  • He is Allãh, may He be glorified, the Most Exalted. During the august rule of the emperor, king of the world, Muhammad Shãh, there was a well-established idol-house in Kuhmum which was strengthened and fortified by a small fortress. The Khãn of lofty dignity (and) of high position, the source of generosity and mine of beneficence, the Khan who is the master of (high) position, (namely), Muhammad Sãlih, who prospers in the rectitude of the affairs of Faith, son of Hãjî Muhammad Kãzim was the ruler of Kuhmum. He is one of the select grandees of the city of Tabrîz which place is celebrated for producing great persons. (He) razed to the ground the edifice of the idol-house, and also broke the idols in a manly fashion. (He) constructed on the site a suitable mosque, towering above the buildings of all. The Angel of the Unseen communicated the date of its construction in the words: A mosque pleasant in appearance, well founded, and elegant. The year of the migration of the Prophet, may peace (of God) be upon him, was forty-two, one hundred and one thousand. Year AH 1142.
    • Inscription on mosque. Gachinala Masjid at Cumbum in the Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh: Persian. ca. 1729-30. Epigraphia Indica - Arabic and Persian Supplement, 1959, pp. 65-66. quoted in S.R. Goel: The Tip of An Iceberg (Indian Express, February 19, 1989) and in Shourie, A., & Goel, S. R. (1990). Hindu temples: What happened to them.

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