Muhammad Saad Kandhlawi

Indian Muslim scholar (born 1965)

Maulana Muhammad Saad Kandhlawi (born 10 May 1965) is an Indian Muslim scholar and preacher. He is great grandson of the Tablighi Jamat founder Muhammad Ilyas Kandhlawi. He heads one faction of the Tablighi Jamat.


  • The Satan is using this opportunity as it has always done to lead us astray from our religious duties in the name of precautions, treatment and protection. Whenever a calamity strikes, Satan makes the victims of calamity commit such acts which destroy their rewards and add to their woes. This is the time to populate the mosques and to invite the ummah towards repentance. As I have already said, this is the time to make our supplications effective. This is not the time to pay heed to false remedial measures….
    • Speaking about the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.
    • Muhammad Saad Kandhlawi the emir of Tablighi Jamaat, March 22, 2020. MEMRI, April 6, 2020 [1]. Published by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute). Transcription and Translation from Urdu by New Age Islam Edit Desk [2]
  • "I request all, both in India and abroad, to strictly follow the guidelines and instructions of the local or national governments and till the time restrictions are in place and please observe prayers at home. And even in this, we should not invite people from outside"

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