Muhammad Asadullah Al-Ghalib

Bangladeshi academic

Dr. Muhammad Asadullah Al-Ghalib (Arabic: د.محمد اسد الله الغالب; Bengali: ড. মুহাম্মাদ আসাদুল্লাহ আল-গালিব) (born January 15, 1948) is a Bangladeshi reformist Islamic scholar and professor of Arabic at the University of Rajshahi.



From Speeches

  • Islam is not a secularist ideology, nor a scholastic theology, nor a blind imitation to any saint or a person, rather its a religion of divine revelation, which has been descended down directly from 'Lawhe Mahfuz" (Divine reserved board). Islam is not which comes out the human rationalism. Many things of Islam might not be agreeable with your rationality, but you have to make unconditional submission to it. This is Islam, the religion of total submission.
    • A speech in Engineers institution auditorium, Dhaka, 2010, (English Translation).[citation needed]
  • If the prophets were to be elected by the "popular votes" of democracy, then no prophet could have ever been a prophet.

Organizational leaflet

  • We want to establish such an Islamic society, where there shall be appeared no heterogeneous isms in the name of progressiveness, nor any Mazhabi parochialism in the name of Islam.
    • (English Translation). [1]
  • The Objective of Ahlehadeeth movement is to propagate and inculcate pure Tawheed in all spheres of life by following exact instructions of Kitab and Sunnah to gain satisfaction of Allah. The social and political objectives of Ahl-i-Hadeeth Movement is to bring about all round reforms of the society through ensuring the rectification of Aqeedah and 'Amal (i.e. faith & deeds)
    • (English Translation). [2]