Mr. Sardonicus

1961 film by William Castle

Mr. Sardonicus is a 1961 film about a man whose face is frozen in a horrible smile who forces a doctor to treat him.

Directed by William Castle. Written by Ray Russell, based on his short story.
A man of evil... with a face that could stop a heart!  (taglines)


Baron Sardonicus: Good morning, Madam.
Maude Sardonicus: Good morning.
Baron Sardonicus: May I come in?
Maude Sardonicus: Well, I...
Baron Sardonicus: Do not worry. I'm not a man who's affectionate in the morning hours.

Krull: [noticing Sir Robert's disquiet at seeing a collection of empty picture frames] Perhaps you are puzzled by the empty frames, sir?
Sir Robert Cargrave: Yes, they do seem rather strange.
Krull: The baron is an unusual man, of unusual convictions. In such frames, ordinary men would honor the portraits of their forefathers. But the baron has disowned his forefathers in one magnificent gesture.

Baron Sardonicus: You must know first of all that I am the victim of a little domestic tragedy. My wife does not love me. She has always been a wife in name only. She is revolted, you see. Revolted by my face.
Maude Sardonicus: It's not only that.
Baron Sardonicus: Oh come, Madam! My crudeness? My cruelty? My arrogance? This is what you tell yourself in your womanish passion, is it not? But it is my face you bar your door against, not my character flaws.


  • A man of evil... with a face that could stop a heart!
  • The Only Picture With the Punishment Poll!
  • During the running of the film,the "Punishment Poll" lets YOU decide the fate of Mr. Sardonicus!
  • YOU decide the fate of Mr. Sardonicus during the "Punishment Poll"! Vote "mercy" or "no mercy" right in your theatre seat!


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