Mpho Kuaho

Motswana Fashion Designer

Mpho Kuaho is a fashion designer born and raised in Botswana. She is a graduate from Durban’s Fashion Linea Academy and she was the winner of Redds Africa Fashion Designer competition in 2006. As an entrepreneur, Tshepang has also used her drive and commitment to engage in a social venture to raise awareness and expand the treatment options in Botswana for Club Foot.  To achieve this, she has worked to establish a strong public private partnership between the Botswana Ministry of Health and STEPS South Africa, an organization focused on advocacy and innovative treatment for Club Foot, and is currently working on registering an affiliated STEPS organization right here in Botswana. Tshepang truly embodies the leadership and innovative qualities needed by young people to achieve the possible in building a brighter future in Botswana and across Africa.[1]

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  • German prints have always been a part of our culture. They were a prestigious dress code that was initially reserved for elders.
  • I do not follow conventional fashion trends, instead I create fashion trends, and make every one of my clients feel special by designing outfits that are unique to their figures, character and personalities.
  • Fashion is art. It is something that we use to express ourselves as individuals


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