Mozart and the Whale

2005 film by Petter Næss

Mozart and the Whale is a 2005 American comedy-drama film about two people with Asperger's syndrome who form a romantic relationship.

Donald Morton

  • I'm late, which is ironic, because I started out 9 hours and 23 minutes early.


Wallace: After everything she told me, and checking on your excellent record in college, I'm wondering why you choose to drive a taxi for a living.
Donald Morton: At my interview with IBM after I graduated college, they asked me what my plans were, and I said, "Probably go to McDonalds for a 12-piece McNugget and two cheeseburgers, and then do my laundry."
Wallace: Did they laugh, at least?
Donald Morton: They smiled and said they'd call me. They didn't.

Gregory: Can I give you some advice?
Donald Morton: Can I humanly stop you?
Gregory: Stick with the group. Compared to us, you're a god. And, uh, next to Isabelle, which you will *never* be again, you don't come off so hot.

Isabelle: All this time, and you didn't call.
Donald: I was gonna call.
Isabelle: You were?
Donald: Well, just to tell you that I wasn't gonna call so that you wouldn't be aggravated, sitting around waiting and wondering when I was--
Isabelle: Gonna call?
Donald: Yeah. But in the end, I figured that forcing myself into your life was probably not right. I would always do that. So the only nice thing I had left to give was just not to call.
Isabelle: I hated you for not calling. Because you were always gonna be there, and when you weren't, it was as if you didn't love me anymore.
Donald: So go home, I'll call ya.
Isabelle: [sighs] I can't promise you the future, Donald Duck. I don't know if this is for 2 days or 20 years.
Donald: Maybe it's something about us that's normal.


  • Josh Hartnett as Donald Morton
  • Radha Mitchell as Isabelle "Izzy" Sorenson
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