Moving (1988 film)

1988 film by Alan Metter

Moving is a 1988 American comedy film about a father moving his family cross-country.

Directed by Alan Metter. Written by Andy Breckman.
On the New Jersey Turnpike, no one can hear you scream. (taglines)

Arlo Pear Edit

  • The wrong finger! I gave him the wrong goddamn finger!
  • Monica, our daughter's getting married. You want to come?
  • Casey, where did you find this man? Is there an asshole convention in town?

Dialogue Edit

Cornell: Well, choke my chicken! Your name's Pear, right? You lived next door to Frank, am I right?
Arlo: Yeah.
Cornell: Small world, ain't it?
Arlo: Too small.
Cornell: Frank says you're a real asshole and if you fuck me, I'll kill you. You understand?

Arlo: I don't want your money, I want those assholes!
People on Back of Truck: Oh, *those* assholes!

Casey: I'm not moving to Idaho. No fucking way.
Arlo: Hey, that's a quarter in the swear jar, young lady.
Casey: [being putting money into the swear jar as she speaks] Okay, there's no goddamn way I'm goddamn moving to any goddamn son of a goddamn bitch, shit-eating goddamn Ida-goddamn motherfucking shitty-ho.

Cornell: What the fuck are you doing?
Arlo: I want you to take this big red motherfucker and put it back in your garage. You understand, you son of a bitch? And go to the store and get a human-sized mower!

Arlo: Frank, remember two years I loaned you my weed whacker? Well, since we're moving, I've come to ask for it back.
Frank: No.
Arlo: It's *our* weed whacker, Frank. The whole family went down to Sears together. So, I've come to ask you to give it back.
Frank: No.
Arlo: Frank, I loaned it to you two years ago to cut your weeds. You haven't cut shit with the weed whacker! What did you do with it? Keep the weed whacker, Frank! Be happy with it because you have to friends! Nobody wants to talk to you!
Perry: Frank, that you?
Frank: Edwards, Perry! Well, choke my chicken!

Arlo: Maybe we'll send you a plane ticket and you can visit us at Christmas.
Frank: Good, but I won't.

Reporter: Now that your job's been eliminated, sir, what are your future plans?
Arlo: I just sharpened my pencil!

Realtor: You may want to decorate this house differently.
Arlo: [looking at a nude statue] Oh, yes. We'd get bigger penises.

Taglines Edit

  • On the New Jersey Turnpike, no one can hear you scream.
  • The movie that packs lots of laughs.

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