Mother Goose Club

television program

Mother Goose Club is an educational nursery school program that streams on its eponymous YouTube channel and is produced by Sockeye Media LLC. Its YouTube channel has more than 8 billion views and 7 million subscribers since 2009. Episodes of the program have also aired on PBS stations. It can also be seen on streaming platforms Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Tubi. The program is made up of a series of educational live-action and animated segments. It has a cast of six characters who introduce classic nursery rhymes and other songs to children.

Theme song edit

Everybody Let's Go Go Go Go Jump Up Wiggle and Giggle with The Mother Goose Club.
I'm Teddy.
I'm Eep.
I'm Baa Baa Sheep.
I'm Mary.
I'm Jack.
And I'm Little Bo Peep.
Together: Everybody Let's Go Go Go Go Sing a Song we all Sing Along with The Mother Goose Club The Mother Goose Club.

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