Morgan Murphy (food critic)

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Morgan Murphy (born February 14, 1972) is an award-winning American food critic and the author of "Off the Eaten Path" by Time Warner.

Morgan Murphy in 2012

Bourbon & Bacon (2014) edit

  • I went on a bourbon diet for three days and lost a week.
    • p. 68
  • Another round? It would be rude not to.
    • p. 74
  • Abstaining from bourbon and bacon doesn't make you live longer. It just feels that way.
    • p. 130
  • Bacon tastes better than skinny feels.
    • p. 161
  • If there's no bacon in heaven, I don't plan on going.
    • p. 180
  • All my life my mother has told me I'm hard to shop for. She can't find the bacon aisle!
    • p. 193
  • I don't care whether the glass is half full or half empty as long as there's bacon on the plate.
    • p. 213
  • Bacon makes almost any meal tolerable.
    • p. 216
  • I wish you all full plates, glasses, tables, and hearts.
    • p. 288

Off the Eaten Path: Second Helpings (2013) edit

  • This isn't a diet book. In fact, you may gain 30 pounds just reading it.
    • p. 7
  • I may be the only man in America who can qualify for workers' comp based on my cholesterol.
    • p. 7

Off the Eaten Path (2011) edit

  • If you truly want to learn a place, eat the food of its people.
    • p. 8

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