Moon Child (2003 film)

2003 film by Takahisa Zeze
(Redirected from Moon Child)

Moon Child (2003) is a Japanese action and horror film, directed by Takahisa Zeze, with a screenplay written by Gackt, Takahisa Zeze, and Isuchi Kisyu, based on the original writing by Gackt Camui. In the movie are also starring Hyde, Lee-Hom Wang and Susumu Terajima.

It is set in the world of the near future, where an orphan and a vampire form a friendship that is put to test by a gang ravaging the city.

Kei, here comes the sun.
  • Kei, here comes the sun.
  • The next time we meet... will be at gunpoint.
  • Kei: [in prison] Will I be put to death? I just want to die... it's very easy. Just put me outside in the sun. Then I'll die...


Luka: [about the ocean and sunrise] This is what is looks like. It's been so long, I'd forgotten. It'd be beautiful in the sunlight... the waves sparkling.
Kei: Let's go. Sun's coming out.
Luka: You go, I've had enough.
Kei: Let's go. Come on!
Luka: Go... by yourself.

Sho: You don't drink blood these days.
Kei: It's none of your business.
Sho: But you're so weak...
Kei: Should I drink yours? I live by draining the lives of others. You know what that's like? That's my entire life. Sometimes I can't bear it, so I go without. A starvation diet. Now, I'm having fun with you all... but it's not real! You're all growing up. I'll be left behind. One day, you'll die. But I'll keep living. You think that's fun?

Kei: Hello?
Sho: I wanted to see you, I missed you so. A lot's happened... I can't go on alone. I need your help. Help me, Kei... I can't go on alone...