Mollie Burke

American politician

Mollie Burke is an American politician who serves in the Vermont House of Representatives from the Windham-2-2 district as a member of the Vermont Progressive Party.


  • How about a Morris Dancer on the board, or a conservationist, teacher, or cabinetmaker? If an architectural historian had sat on the board would the Opera House have been so shamelessly torn down, to the profit of a few and the detriment of many, past and to come? If persons dedicated to farmland protection and ecological balance served in town government, would the debates on these issues proceed in a less defensive manner? And would priorities other than short-term advantage be seen in a clearer light? I believe yes.
  • Are American voters ignorant, misinformed, or irresponsible? Or perhaps voting for a likeable guy, despite opposition to his policies? But this is not an election for Student Council President, and four more years of Ronald Reagan may be too late for us all.
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