Moji Makanjuola is a Nigerian, veteran journalist and broadcaster. She was a former president of the "Nigerian Association of Women Journalist (NAWOJ) and love".

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  • A woman should be treated as a human being, not as an addendum, she should be respected as a part of society, and should get what a man gets.
  • Women should not give up. We haven’t started yet. Women in position should mention others. We are losing track of a lot of things in Nigeria. It is not about naira and kobo, it is about the essence of life and opportunities and moving people. Let’s grow human beings, it is a collective responsibility. Let’s be able to cry on each other’s shoulders. Until we do that, we can’t move on.
  • The world has become dynamic, we shouldn’t be stagnant.
  • I believe that once you have a medium and you know how to convey your message, you will always be relevant.
  • It can ignite change and revolutionise.
  • Nigeria should be the hub for Africa in terms of health facilities because we have the human resources, so we need to make capital resources available.
  • Reporting health is not a piece of cake and some of our junior colleagues want the quick way, but that can’t be done in health journalism. You must be devoted and have special skill, you must be able to navigate around the professionals and be able to do great stories.
  • Health is not a beat that you can be lazy, it is not a beat where you seat and report, you have to be there.

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