Modest Mouse

American band

Modest Mouse is an American indie rock band, formed by guitarist Isaac Brock, drummer Jeremiah Green and bassist Eric Judy. They have been known to write philosophical lyrics.


This Is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think AboutEdit


  • Travelling swallowing Dramamine
    Feeling spaced breathing out Listerine.
  • I'd said what I'd said that I'd tell you
    That you killed the better part of me.
  • If you could just milk it for everything,
    I'd said what I'd said, and you know what I mean,
    But I still can't focus on anything.
  • We kiss on the mouth, but still cough down our sleeves.
  • Look at your face, like you killed in a dream,
    Truth is, you figured out everything,
    I think I know my geography pretty damn well.


  • He said the groom's down on me,
    Because he ate the rice,
    It was well intentioned, but bad advice,
    Hell yeah
  • Let it break through, oh, let it break through (repeated line).
  • Open the curtain,
    And let in some sky.
    It's almost half past 2 AM;
    you can tell by the light.
    Open your window,
    and let in the atmosphere!
  • I was inverted,
    I mean converted,
    I mean I don't understand.

Custom ConcernEdit

  • message read on the bathroom wall,
    said "I don't feel at all like I fall,"
    and we're losing all touch,
    losing all touch
    building a desert
  • The custom concern for the people, build up monuments and steeples to wear out our highs.
  • I get up just about noon,
    My head sends a message for me to reach for my shoes and then walk,
    Gotta go to work, gotta go to work, gotta have a job.
  • Goes through the parking lot fields
    Didn't see no signs that they will yield and then thought,
    "This'll never end, this'll never end, this'll never stop."


  • I might,
    and you might,
    but neither of us do, though,
    and neither of us will.
    Yesterday night I broke every bone in my jaw.
    Thought so hard it's the last thing I ever thought.


  • He don't remember.
    How it got there.
    It had a number
    Written on his forearm.
    It spelled disaster.

Beach Side PropertyEdit

  • "Wow!" said the broken Californian down
    on the beach that used to be by the beach
  • Ground sure don't like the way it's treated, so now
    it's moving back to the sea
  • A memo left on the forehead of God,
    Sent sealed and signed by the saints who sang this song:
    "We're going union like they say.
    We'll buy the congregation.
    Then one day, you'll find us sitting in your chairs with big ideas of stocks and shares."

Ionizes and AtomizesEdit

  • She ionizes and atomizes,
    then turns to sunlight
  • Fluorescent light bulbs will
    make an absence of dark,
    but the light just ain't there still
  • And she said:
    "I am feeling empty.
    The real lights can make you heavy,
    but never ever really empty.
    Fluorescent lights will always equal empty."

Head SouthEdit

  • A surf rock band
    From the land of plenty
    Surf rock bands
    With no surf, just pine trees
  • Struck by being ashamed of your old space,
    just wanting that mean heat.
  • You bleached your hair, and you pawned your skis,
    and then you sold out for the shade of the palm tree scene.

Dog PaddleEdit

  • I can't swim so I dog paddle (repeated line).
  • What you say and what you want again
    You can't get it because you don't get it, no.

Novocain StainEdit

  • TV stained my memories.
    Yeah, I don't think or choose.
  • Remember through sounds.
    Remember through smells.
    Remember through colors.
    Remember through towns.
    With fear and fascination
    on what was here and what's replacing them now.
  • Interchanges, plazas, and malls,
    and crowded chain restaurants.
  • More housing developments go up
    named after the things they replace.
    So welcome to Minnow Brook,
    and welcome to Shady Space.
    Well it all seems a little abrupt.
    No, I don't like this change of pace.


  • Every sick fickle fucker,
    childhood's what makes you.
  • Every planned occupation:
    Surefire disappointment up ahead.
    Until they treat you like desert
    See mirages of friendship
  • I don't feel, and it feels fine (repeated line).
  • Here's the soon-to-be anchor.
    Build bridges to nothing;
    you'll get nowhere.
  • Get too creative ordering our drinks, and mine stinks, mine stinks.
  • Every kind-hearted banker—I don't think there is one.
  • Every winning opinion—I wish I had one.
  • Every child star wonders if they have a future up ahead.
  • Every governor's mother knows that their bread is buttered by Sam.
  • And what about science? They find more proof that lets you make your own decision.


  • Truly sorry—I see clearly
    Calmly crashing—I pace faster than anyone
    Hinges rusting—they swing louder than anything
    Truly lonely—this place is flatter than it seems.
  • I'm upset, and I leave the door open wide.
    Our hearts are used up, cracked and dry.
    Pulled the scabs off of regrets.
    We haven't learned read our conscience yet.
  • One hand clapping—awake but napping.
  • Rows of lights to illuminate lines;
    why don't they turn them off to let us see night?
  • Dropped off a note that said "I'm giving this note back.

P.S. There's a lot going on underneath:

there's roots, there's pipes, and there's drainage leaks."

Exit Does Not ExistEdit

  • Does not exist

Take an exit

I hear voices insinuating,

feeding me lyrics to this song that I am saying.

Sunlight 7:20 PM, early September,

standing looking at a photograph

that you do not remember

being taken. You look out of breath, and me like I am faking.

As a matter of fact, I don't recall this photo being taken!

You don't even actually exist, so I just started shaking!

Does not exist

Take an exit

Talking Shit About A Pretty SunsetEdit

  • Oh noose

I tied myself, and tied myself too tight.

  • Looking kind of anxious in your cross-armed stance,

like a bad-tempered prom queen at a homecoming dance,

and I claim I'm not excited with my life anymore,

so I blame this town, this job, these friends.

The truth is it's myself.

I'm trying to understand myself,

and pinpoint who I am.

When I finally get it figured out,

I've changed the whole damn plan.

  • Talking shit about a pretty sunset
    Blanketing opinions that I'll probably regret soon
  • Changed my mind so much I can't even trust it
    My mind changed me so much I can't even trust myself.

Make Everyone Happy/Mechanical BirdsEdit

  • And I said, "You shouldn't make facts out of opinions"

He said that I was right, you're right, I knew that I was

  • I'd hate to see anybody fail,

but I'd like to see you fail seeing me fail, though.

  • I'm not sure who I am,
    but I know who I've been.
  • I said you can't make everybody happy; you said you would like at least make yourself happy, though,

Space Travel Is BoringEdit

  • Won herself a pass to some far off moon:

it was second-class, but what's to lose?

  • Looking out her window, she could more than assume

that you can't see air or time.

  • She's the only rocketeer in the whole damn place.

They gave her a mirror so she could talk to a face.

She still got plenty lonely, but that's just the case with time.

  • She started hearing voices sometime in June;

she knew she could go crazy, but didn't think that soon.

  • Now she doesn't feel lonely, but she'd just as soon try.
  • Man shot to the moon:

I bought a paperback, and want to go real soon.

I'm shot to the moon.

Been there a half an hour; I want to come home soon.

Lonesome Crowded WestEdit

Teeth Like God's ShoeshineEdit

  • From the top of the ocean, Yeah!
    From the bottom of the sky, Goddamn!
    Well I get claustrophobic, I can!
    You know that I can.
  • Go to the grocery store, buy some new friends
    And find out the beginning, the end, and the best of it
    Do you need a lot of what you got to survive?
  • Oh, if you could compact your conscience
    Oh, and you might
    Oh, if you could bottle and sell it you might've done
    Oh, and you might
    Oh, if you could compact your conscience and sell it
    Save it for another time
    You know you might have to use it
  • Here's the man with teeth like God's shoeshine
    He sparkles
    Let's all have another orange julius
    Thick syrup standing in lines
    The malls are the soon to be ghost towns
    Well so long, farewell, goodbye
  • You can be ashamed to be so proud of what you've done,
    but not no one, not now, not ever anyone.

Heart Cooks BrainEdit

  • Inland from Vancouver Shore,
    The ravens and the seagulls push each other inward and outward.
  • I'm on my way to God don't know or even care.
  • In this life that we call home
    The years go fast and the days go so slow
  • I'm trying to get my head clear I push things out through my mouth i get refilled through my ears.
  • We tore one down and erected another there
    The match of the century: Absence Versus Thin Air
  • My brain's the cliff and my heart's the bitter buffalo.
  • My brain's the weak heart and my heart's the long stairs.
  • My brain's the burger and my heart's the coal.

Convenient ParkingEdit

  • Waiting to bleed onto the big streets,
    That bleed out onto the highways,
    And off to other cities built to store and sell these rocks.
  • Convenient Parking (is way back, way back).

Lounge (Closing Time)Edit

  • She was going with a cinematographer,
    Everyone knew he was really a pornographer
  • You are so hot,
    I would like to steal your digits.
  • We are so caught up with things,
    We should pull each others triggers.
  • I've got a girlfriend out of the city,
    I know I like her, I think she is pretty.
  • I'm on the road to God don't know,
    My brain's the burger, and my heart is the charcoal.

Jesus Christ Was an Only ChildEdit

  • Well Jesus Christ was an only child,
    He went down to the river, and he drank and smiled.
  • And his dad was oh-so mad,
    Should have insured that planet, before it crashed.
  • Working real hard to make internet cash
    Work your fingers to the bone sitting on your ass
  • I know now what I knew then,
    But I didn't know then, what I know now.
  • You should hide your kids,
    While the dogs run wild.
  • And his dad was oh-so mad,
    Should have killed that little fucker, before he even had it.

Doin' The CockroachEdit

  • You move your mouth
    You shake your tongue
    You vibrate my eardrums off
    You're saying words
    But you know I ain't listening
  • I was in heaven,
    I was in hell,
    Believe in neither,
    But fear them as well!
  • You're walking down the street
    Your face
    Your lips
    Your hips
    Your eyes
    They meet
    You're not hungry though
  • This one's a doctor,
    This one's a lawyer,
    This one's a cash thief,
    Taking your money!
  • Another rider,
    He was a talker,
    Talking 'bout TV,
    Please Shut Up!
  • This one's a crazer,
    Daydreaming disaster,
    The origin of junk food,
    Rutting through garbage!
  • Tasty but worthless
    Dogs eat their own shit
  • Doin' the Cockroach, yeah!
  • One year,
    Twenty years,
    Forty years,
    Fifty years, down the road in your life,
    You'll look in the mirror and say:
    "My parents are still alive."
  • Oh my mind is all made up,
    So I have to sleep in it.

Cowboy DanEdit

  • Everytime you think you're walking you're just moving the ground
    Everytime you think you're talking you're just moving your mouth
    Everytime you think you're looking you're just looking...down
  • He drove to the desert, fired his rifle in the sky
    And said, "God if I have to die then you will have to die."
  • Well, Cowboy Dan's a major player in the cowboy scene
    He goes to the reservation drinks and gets mean
    I didn't move to the city, the city moved to me
    And I want out desperately
  • Cowboy Dan's a major player in the Cowboy scene,
    He goes to the reservation, drinks and gets mean,
    He's gonna start a war.
  • He hops into his pickup, puts the pedal to the floor,
    And says: "I got mine, but I want more!"
  • Can't do it, even if your sober,
    Can't get that engine turned over!
  • Standing in the tall grass,
    Thinking nothing,
    You know we need oxygen to breath.

Trailer TrashEdit

  • Eating snowflakes with plastic forks,
    And a paper plate of course:
    You think of everything.
  • And it's been a long time
    which agrees with this watch of mine
    and I guess that I missed you
    and I'm sorry if I dissed you.
  • God damn, I hope I can pass high school means nothing
  • Short love, with a long divorce,
    And a couple of kids of course,
    They don't mean anything.
  • Taking heartache with hard work,
    God damn I am such a jerk,
    I can't do anything.
  • And I shout that your all fakes,
    And you should have seen the look on your face.
    And I guess that's what it takes,
    When comparing your bellyaches.

Out of GasEdit

  • I had a drink the other day
    Opinions were like kittens
    I was giving them away

Long Distance DrunkEdit

  • Hang it up now or never,
    Hang it up again.
  • Doesn't seem like anything your saying or doing or doing,
    Is making any sense.
  • (8 a.m in the morning, and someone calls you on the telephone)
    Long Distance Drunk
    (You want to be by your self and all alone)
    Long Distance Drunk

Shit LuckEdit

  • This plane is definitely crashing
  • This boat is obviously sinking
  • This building's totally burning down
  • And my heart is slowly drying up

Trucker's AtlasEdit

  • I don't feel and it feels great
  • I'm going to Colorado
    to unload my head.
    I'm going to New York City
    and that's in New York, friends.

Polar OppositesEdit

  • Polar Opposites don't push away,
    It's the same on the weekends, as the rest of the days.
  • And I know I should go but I will probably stay,
    And that's all you can do about somethings.
  • I'm trying, I'm trying to,
    Drink away the part of the day, that I cannot sleep away.
  • These vibrations oil its teeth,
    Primer grey is the color, when your done dying.

Bankrupt On SellingEdit

  • Well, I'll go to college and I'll learn some big words,
    And I'll talk real loud,
    Goddamn right, I'll be heard.
    You'll remember that guy who said all those big words he must've
    Learned in college.
  • Well, all the apostles, they're sittin' in swings
    Saying, "I'd sell off my savior for a set of new rings
    And some sandles with the style of straps that cling best to the era."
  • And all of the angels, they'd sell of your soul,
    For a set of new wings, and anything gold,
    They remember the people the loved, their old friends,
    And I've seen through them all, Seen through most everything.
  • All the people you knew, were the actors.

Styrofoam Boots/It's All Nice On Ice, AlrightEdit

  • Well, all's not well,
    But I'm told that it'll all be quite nice
    You'll be drowned in boots like mafia
    But your feet'll still float like Christ
    Well, I'll be damned,
    They were right.
    I'm drowning upside down
    My feet afloat like Christ
  • God takes care of himself,
    and you of you.
  • Well some guy comes in
    lookin' a bit like everyone I ever seen
    he moves just like crisco disco
    breath 100% Listerine,
    And he says looking at someone else
    but directing everything to me
    "Anytime anyone gets on their knees and prays,
    Well, it makes my telephone ring!" Well, I'll be damned.
    He said, "You were right, no one's running this whole thing."

The Moon and AntarcticaEdit

Paper Thin WallsEdit

  • It's been agreed the whole world stinks, so no one's taking showers anymore.
  • Everyones a voyuerist
    They're watching me watch them watch me right now.

I Came As a RatEdit

  • I came as ice, I came as a whore
    I came as advice that came too short
    I came as gold, I came as crap
    I came clean and I came as a Rat
  • I came as a call, I came as flat
    I came too soon so I came back
    I came as flowers, I came as nice
    I came as dirt and I came as its price
  • It takes a long time, but God dies too,
    But not before he'll stick it to you.
    I don't know, but I been told
    You never die and you never grow old.

Alone down ThereEdit

  • You can't see anything well.
    You ask me what size it is, not what I sell.
  • The Devil's apprentice, he gave me some credit.
    He fed me a line and I'll probably regret it.

A Different CityEdit

  • I wanna remember to remember to forget you forgot me.
  • They gave me a receipt that said I didn't buy nothing.


  • If I had a nickel,
    For every damn dime,
    I'd have half the time,
    Do you mind?
  • My Hell comes from inside,
    Comes from inside myself.
    Why... fight... this?
  • Everyone is afraid of their own lives.
    If you could be anything you want, I'd bet
    You'd be disappointed. Am I right?
  • It's hard to remember, it's hard to remember we're alive for the first time.
    It's hard to remember, it's hard to remember we're alive for the last time.
    It's hard to remember, it's hard to remember to live before you die.
    It's hard to remember, it's hard to remember that our lives are such a short time.
    It's hard to remember, it's hard to remember when it takes such a long time
    . It's hard to remember...
  • If you knew everything they thought, I bet that you'd wish that they'd just shut up.
  • God is a woman, and my mom she is a witch.

Perfect DisguiseEdit

  • 'Cause you cocked your head to shoot me down,
    And I don't give a damn about you or this town
    No more.
  • 'You need me to fall down so you can climb up,
    Some fool ass ladder, well good luck I hope, I hope there is something better up there

3rd PlanetEdit

  • The 3rd Planet is sure that they're being watched
    By an eye in the sky that can't be stopped
    And when you get to the promised land,
    You're gonna shake that eye's hand.
  • Your heart felt good
    It was drippin' pitch and made of wood
  • And your hands and knees felt cold and wet on the grass to me
    Outside naked, shiverin' looking blue, from the cold sunlight that's reflected off the moon
  • And a third had just been found,
    Another ocean on the planet,
    given that our blood is just like the Atlantic,
    And how.
  • The Universe is shaped exactly like the earth
    If you go straight long enough you'll end up where you were

What People Are Made OfEdit

  • By then it was too late and you wound up on an island of shells and bones that bodies had left.
  • And the one thing you taught me about human beings was this:
    They ain't made of nothin' but water and shit!

The Stars Are ProjectersEdit

The stars are projectors, yeah Projectin' our minds down to this planet Earth Everyone wants a double feature They wanna be their own damn teacher, and how All the stars are projectors, yeah

  • God is a woman and a woman is
    An animal that animal's man, and that's you
  • Well right wing, left wing, chicken wing!

It's built on findin' the easier ways through

Was there a need for creation? That was hidden in a math equation And that's this: WHERE DO CIRCLES BEGIN?

Wild Pack of Family DogsEdit

  • A wild pack of family dogs came runnin' through the yard one day
    My father got his gun, shot it up, they ran away ok
  • A wild pack of family dogs came runnin' through the yard
    And as my own dog ran away with them, I didn't say much of anything at all
  • A wild pack of family dogs came runnin' through the yard
    As my little sister played, the dogs took her away
    And I guess she was eaten up ok, yeah she was eaten up ok
  • My dad he quit his job today, well I guess he was fired but that's ok

Life Like WeedsEdit

  • ...And in the places you go you'll see the place where you're from
    I could have told you all that i loved you
    ...And in the faces you meet, you'll see the place where you'll die
    I could have told you all that i loved you
    ...And on the day that you die, you'll see the people you met
    I could have told you all that i loved you
    ...And in the faces you see, you'll see just who you've been
  • All this talking all the time and the air fills up, up, up
    Until there's nothing left to breathe
    Up until there's nothing left to speak
    Up into the better parts of space

Tiny Cities Made of AshesEdit

  • We're goin' down the road towards tiny cities made of ashes
    I'm gonna' hit you on the face, I'm gonna' punch you in your glasses. Oh no!
    I just got a message that said "Yeah, hell is freezin' over."
    I Got a phone call from the Lord sayin', "Hey boy get a sweater. Right now."
    So we're drinkin', drinkin', drinkin', drinkin', coca-coca-cola
    I can feel it rollin' right on down, oh right on down my throat
  • Does anybody know a way that a body could get away?
  • I'm wearin' myself a t-shirt that says "The world is my ashtray"
    Our hearts pump dust and our hairs all grey

Good News for People Who Love Bad NewsEdit

Black CadillacsEdit

  • I didn't die and I ain't complainin', I ain't blamin' you.
    I didn't know that the words you said to me meant more to me than they ever could you.
  • We named our children after towns that we've never been to
  • I got the time, I got the hours, I got the days, I got the weeks.
    I could say to myself I've got the words but I can't speak.
  • It's true, we named our children after towns, that we've never been to, and it's true that the clouds just hung around, like black cadillacs outside the funeral, and we were laughing at the stars, while our feet clung tight to the ground, so pleased with ourselves for using so many verbs and nouns

Blame it on the TetonsEdit

  • All them eager actors gladly taking credit
    for the lines created by the people tucked away from sight
    is just a window from the room we're bound to.
  • If you find a way out,
    oh, would you just let me know how.
  • Oh we mumble loudly, wear our shame so proudly.
    Wore our blank expressions, trying to look interesting.
  • Blame it on the web but the spider's your problem now.
  • Language is the liquid that we're all dissolved in.
    Great for solving problems, after it creates a problem.
  • Everyone's an ocean drowning
    with no one really to show how.
    They might get a little better air
    if they turned themselves into a cloud.


  • Well all that icing and all that cake,
    I can't make it to your wedding, but I'm sure I'll be at your wake.
    You were talk, talk, talk, talkin' in circles that day,
    When you get to the point make sure that I'm still awake, okay?
  • If God controls the land and disease
    Keeps a watchful eye on me,
    If he's really so damn almighty,
    Well, my problem is I can't see
    Well, who would wanna be...
    Who would wanna be such a control freak?
  • If God takes life he's an Indian Giver.
  • Well see what you wanna see. You should see it all.
    Well take what you want from me. You deserve it all.
    Nine times out of ten our hearts just get dissolved.
    Well I want a better place or just a better way to fall.
    But one time out of ten, everything is perfect for us all.
    Well I want a better place or just a better way to fall.
    Here we go...

Bury Me With itEdit

  • We were shootin' at a mound of dirt.
    Well nothing was broken, nothing was hurt.
    But I probably really should have been at work.
  • Well fads they come and fads they go
    and God I love that rock and roll
    Well, the point was fast, but it was too blunt to miss.
    Life handed us a paycheck and we said, "we worked harder than this!"
  • We are humming birds who've lost the plot and we will not move...
    And there's good news for people who love bad news.
  • We were aimin' for the moon, we were shootin' for the stars
    But the kids were just shootin' at the buses and the cars!
    So don't drink the water, Don't you breath the air,
    And if it's gotten to that point then i have to declare
    PLEASE, Bury Me With It

Float OnEdit

  • I backed my car into a cop car the other day,
    Well he just drove on, sometimes life's okay.
    I ran my mouth off a bit too much, but what can I say,
    Well you just laughed it off, it was all okay.
  • All right all ready we'll all float on, we'll all float on
  • All right all ready we'll all float on, we'll all float okay

The Good Times Are Killing MeEdit

  • Got dirt, got air, got water and I know you can carry on.
  • Jaws clenched tight, we talked all night long -- but what the hell did we say?
  • Fed up with all that LSD; need more sleep than coke or methamphetamines.

The World At LargeEdit

  • If the world's at large, why should I remain?
  • Went to the porch, to have a thought
    Got to the door and again I couldn't stop
  • Well uh-uh baby, I ain't got no plan
    We'll float on maybe would you understand?
    Gonna float on maybe would you undersand?
    Well float on maybe would you understand?
  • The days get shorter and the nights get cold.
    I like the autumn but this place is getting old.
  • The days get longer and the nights smell green.
    I guess it's not surprising but it's spring and I should leave.
  • I like songs about drifters- books about the same.
    They both seem to make me feel a little less insane
  • I know that starting over's not what life's about.
    But my thoughts were so loud i couldn't hear my mouth.

The ViewEdit

  • If life's not beautiful without the pain,
    Well, I'd just rather never ever even see beauty again.
    Well, as life gets longer,
    Awful feels softer.
    Well, it feels pretty soft to me.
    And if it takes shit to make bliss,
    then i feel pretty blissfully.

The Ocean Breathes SaltyEdit

  • The more we move ahead, the more we're stuck in rewind.
    Well, I don't mind, I don't mind,
    How the Hell could I mind?
  • Well that is that and this is this.
    You tell me what you want and I'll tell you what you get.
    You get away from me. You get away from me.
    Collected my belongings and I left the jail.
    Well, thanks for the time, I needed to think a spell.
    I had to think a while. I had to think a while.
  • Well that is that and this is this.
    Will you tell me what you saw and I'll tell you what you missed, when the ocean met the sky.
    You missed when time and life shook hands and said goodbye.
    When the earth folded in on itself.
    And said "Good luck, for your sake I hope heaven and hell are really there, but I wouldn't hold my breath."
    You wasted life, why wouldn't you waste death?
  • You wasted life, why wouldn't you waste the afterlife?

Satin In A CoffinEdit

  • Now the blow's been softened
    Since we are our own damn coffins.
    Well, everybody's talkin' 'bout their short list,
    And everybody's talkin' 'bout death!
    You were layin' on the carpet
    Like you're satin in a coffin.
    You said, "Do you believe what you're sayin'?"
    "Yeah, right now, but not that often."
    Are you dead or are you sleepin'?
    Are you dead or are you sleepin'?
    Are you dead or are you sleepin'?
    God, I sure hope you are dead.

This Devil's WorkdayEdit

  • I could buy myself a reason,I could sell myself a job,
    I could hang myself for treason, oh i am my own dear god Ah-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha
  • Gonna take this sack of puppies, Gonna set it out to freeze
    Gonna climb around on all fours 'til all the blood falls out my knees.
  • Well let's take this potted plant, To the woods and set it free
    I'm gonna tell the owners, Just how nice that was of me.

We Were Dead Before The Ship Even SankEdit

March Into The SeaEdit

  • If food needed pleasing you'd suck all the seasoning off.
  • Bang your head like a gong cause you call it all wrong
    Move Your Tongue! Klang Klang, Klang Klang, Klang KLAAA-AAAAANG!
  • Drag me out of the sea and then teach me to breath
    Give me forced health 'til i wish death on myself
    Give me forced health 'til i wish death on myself Ah-ha-ha, Ah-boners
  • Treat me like disease, like the rats and fleas!


  • Well it woulda' been, coulda' been worse than you would ever know.
    Oh, the dashboard melted, but we still have the radio.
  • Well, you told me about nowhere well it sounds like someplace I'd like to go.
  • Well, the windshield was broken but I love the fresh air you know.
  • I heard the world don't like us, it'll shake us just like we were a co-o-o-o-old.
  • We've yet to crash, but we shall might as well enjoy it.
  • I just wanted to catch the last laugh of the show.
  • Hard wired to conceive so much we had to stow it
    Even needs have needs
    Tiny giants made of tinier giants
  • The car was on blocks, but i was already where i want.

Fire It UpEdit

  • Have a drink, you've had enough.
  • Oh we ate all of the oranges off the navels of our lovers
    Grabbed a book and read the cover.
  • It honestly was beautifully done
    Like trying to hide the daylight from the sun
  • It honestly was beautifully bold
    Like trying to save an ice cube from the cold


  • Far enough, far enough
    Wasn't far enough
  • It was always worth it, that's the part I seem to hide.

Parting Of The SensoryEdit

  • This fit like clothes made out of wasps.
    Oh, fuck it, I guess I lost
  • Some day you will die and somehow something's going to steal your carbon.
  • A life long walk to the same exact spot.
  • We placed our chips in all the right spots, but still lost.
  • Someday something will die and somehow you'll figure out how often you will die.

Missed The BoatEdit

  • Oh, and I laugh all the way to hell.
    Saying, "Yes, this is a fine promotion."
  • We've listened more to life's end gong
    Than the sound of life's sweet bells
  • All our favorites were playing
    So we could shake, shake, shake, shake, shake.
  • We finally got it figured out that we had truly missed the boat.
  • Our ideas held no water but we used them like a dam.
  • Oh, and I know this of myself,
    I assume as much for other people.

Fly Trapped In A JarEdit

  • Well I hadn't noticed but the people really noticed that they didn't really want us around,
    So not a single one of us will ever leave town, here we go sir!
  • Our bodies were laid out,
    They were laid for fifteen yards,
    Well two feet above each of our heads was a fly trapped in a jar.

Little MotelEdit

  • We treat mishaps like sinking ships
    and I know that I don't want to be out to drift.
  • Well I can see it in your eyes like I taste your lips
    and they both tell me that we're better than this.
  • I can see it in your eyes like I taste your lips
    and I'm very sorry.
  • It rained and its over a shooting star
    Landed directly on our broke down little car
    before then we had made a wish
    That we would be missed
    If one another just did not exist
  • That's what we're waiting for, aren't we?

Spitting VenomEdit

  • Well we went downtown and we sat in the rain
    Well looking what direction and waiting for a train and thought over, it's all over.
  • So we carried all the groceries in while hauling out the trash.
  • Hold on to what you need
    We've got a knack for Fucked up History
  • I don't know who kept track, I didn't know there was a score
    But it looks like you're the winner,I ain't gonna play no more
    Its over...Game Over!
  • It takes more then one person to decide what's fair.
  • Cheer up baby, it wasn't always quite so bad
    for every bit of venom that came out
    the antidote was had

EPs and CompilationsEdit

Building Nothing Out of SomethingEdit

Interstate 8Edit

  • You go out like a riptide
    You know that a ball has no sides
    you're an angel with an amber halo
    black hair and the Devil's pitchfork
    Wind up anger with an endless view of
    the ground's colorful patchwork
    How have you been?
  • I'm on a road shaped like a figure eight
    I'm going nowhere but I'm guaranteed to be late

Baby Blue SedanEdit

  • And it's hard to be a human
    And it's harder as anything else.
    And I'm lonesome when you're around.
    And I'm never lonesome when I'm by myself.
  • Henry, you dance like a wooden indian.

Never Ending Math EquationEdit

  • Oh my god,
    I've got to, got to, got to, got to move on.
    Where do you move when what you're movin' from,
    Is yourself?
  • The universe works on a math equation that never even ever really even ends in the end...
  • And the plants and the animals eat each other.

Other People's LivesEdit

  • Well, I'm fed up and I need to go
    Out of existence or just down the road
  • Other People's Lives seem more interestin'
    'cause they ain't mine.
  • Out of Gas, Out of road, out of car, out of everything at last.

All Nite DinerEdit

  • The sign said triple-x,
    but they were talkin' 'bout root-beer.
  • This is what he said, "When I have sex,
    I'm always thinkin' 'bout the pavement
    So I can avoid premature ejaculation."
    I got up remembering to thank him
    Better things to do, so I'll start drinkin' now

Life of Arctic SoundsEdit

  • I wrote my name on the sun!
    Hey, alright, I might be goddamned.
    A life of arctic sounds.
    Hey, alright, I might be goddamned.
    All the sad comedians...
    Hey, alright, I might be goddamned.

Workin' on Leavin' the LivinEdit

In heaven everything's alright In heaven everything is fine

Workin' on livin' I'm workin' on leavin' I'm workin' on leavin' the livin'

I loved you more than ever you loved more than anything loved everything more than anything

I'm workin' on drinkin' I'm workin' on drivin' I'm workin' on drivin' my drinks Workin' on livin' I'm workin' on leavin' I'm workin' on leavin' the livin'

In heaven everything's alright In heaven everything is fine

Whenever You Breathe Out, I Breathe In (Positive Negative)Edit

  • I didn't go to work for a month
    I didn't leave my bed for eight days straight
    I haven't hung out with anyone
    and if I did, I'd have nothin to say

Sad Sappy SuckerEdit

Four Fingered FishermanEdit

  • It's weeds pulling weeds and you're blaming yourself
    OK, we're all indifferent in our own way.

Think longEdit

  • Sit and think for a while and you'll realize that you just still die.
    If you're not thinking at all I'm not sure why you're alive.

Worms Vs. BirdsEdit

  • You can see that we don't have to get along.
    Self-pity me, so pitiful
    You can see that birds and worms do not agree.

Point A to Point BEdit

  • Point A to point B, Oh I know
    lots of points with no points in between for me
    so lonely but never alone I know
    I'm at my house but i wish that I was at home.

Everywhere and His Nasty Parlor TricksEdit

Here It ComesEdit

  • Make a point to make no sense
    Here it comes
    Speak about the future in the past tense
    Here it comes

You're the Good ThingsEdit

  • You're the icing
    On the cake
    On the table
    At my wake.

Willful Suspension of DisbeliefEdit

  • You could keep diggin' down and down
    A thousand graves down,
    Without turnin' 'round or findin' Hell
    You find you're diggin' up again.
  • Every will, every will, every will
    oh every will is a suspension of disbelief.

3 Inch Horses, Two Faced MonstersEdit

  • It looked like we were photographed
    At gunpoint, so I had to laugh.
  • I don't know, but I've been told;
    You'll never die and you'll never grow old.
  • I guessed you guessed that I'd catch hell,
    I guessed you guessed that I'd catch hell,
    I just caught a cold but now I'm feeling well.
  • You said 'I hope you'll live forever',
    'Don't you wish that on me'
    You said 'Don't be clever.'

Night On The SunEdit

  • Well, there's one thing to know about this town,
    It's 500 miles underground.
    and that's alright.
  • Well, there's one thing to know about this town,
    Not a person doesn't want me underground.
    and that's alright.
  • You're hopelessly hopeless, I hope so, for you.
  • Eat my own blood and get filled up on it.
  • There's one thing thing to now about this Earth, we're just here to make more dirt

No one's first and You're NextEdit

Guilty Cocker SpanielsEdit

  • The truth is stopped and the skyline rose,
    Exchanging comfort for more fashionable clothes
  • Guilty cocker spaniels eating table scraps,
    Well we rolled over, how our master clapped
    It felt so good, we wanted more of that
  • Blame me so blameless,
    Can we find a way to blame our way out

Autumn BedsEdit

  • As sure as clocks are bleeding time,
    We'll show up early just to wait in line
  • As sure as lead sinks we're the same,
    We're just more laundry that they need to hang
  • We won't be sleeping, We won't be sleeping,
    We won't be sleeping, We won't be sleeping,
    We Won't be sleeping in our Autumn Beds

History Sticks To Your FeetEdit

At the movies, eyes iced over Walking sideways, through the gutters And you realize that the floor sticks to your feet like history Don't you look at me like life don't hold you any mystery Bag of splinters boiling over, on your back expose your belly Optimism doesn't change the facts, just what you're gonna see

Like it was stated that we're walking salt and coal Plants solidify sunshine; how this started, I don't know Causing feet and entire chain shoe stores The sun's diary pulled up from deep canary holes And when we read it, our skin, it becomes warm

At the movies, eyes iced over Walking sideways, through the gutters And you realize that the floor sticks to your feet, your history I'm gonna slap that look off your face like life don't hold you no mystery All those red marks on our shoulders Self back patting, homemade trophies Well the past only exists as tiny bricks we burn to release all its memories I've had enough with rolling boulders, I want more moss on me

Clocks to splinters but time goes forward And when them tree drop leaves your feet collect their memories I guess all us snakes find our tails pretty damn tasty!!

I heard you mention we're walking salt and coal Plants solidify sunshine; how this started, I don't know Causing feet and entire chain shoe stores The sun's diary pulled up from deep canary holes And when we read it, our skin, it becomes warm

At the movies, eyes iced over Walking sideways, through the gutters And you realize that the floor sticks to your feet, your history I'm gonna knock that look off your face like life don't hold you no mystery.

The Whale SongEdit

  • I guess i am a scout, So i should find a way out
    So everyone could find a way out
  • They Keep us in, to pull us out,
    I'm rising up, wish i was sinking down.
  • I know i was a scout, I Should've found a way out,
    so everyone could find a way out
  • instead of seeing a neighbor out,
    god i wish i would've found a way out,
    It's the last time we were happy
    ever happy

Perpetual Motion MachineEdit

  • We all try harder as the days run out
  • With your teeth to your lips and your hair to the ground,
    Well you hear the fish and they're making this sound

Satellite SkinEdit

  • Well how the heck did you think you could beat them
    at the same time that you're tryin to be them?
  • Just to tell you i could not have seen
    through the gist of those unhappy happy accidents.

King RatEdit

  • Even Crooks have to pay the rent.
  • We took all that we could carry but we tried to carry more.
  • We choked on street tap water
    Well, gonna have to try the real thing
  • We laughed about payin' rent
    cause the county jails, they're free
  • I went down like a rag doll
    rage, Child
  • [...] I went down like a rag doll,
    kicked by a child
  • Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky me again
    I hardly knew, i should use my feet again

I've Got It All (Most)Edit

  • I can't hear you, I can't hear you talk about your dreams involving me. And I don't believe, I don't believe that they are any sort of prophecy at all.
  • Tell your gods I want to speak to their fathers.
  • I've got it all... most.
  • How consistent.
    How can some so consistently mess up as much as every instance.
    How can someone inconsistent mess up so consistently.

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