Mixmaster Morris

English ambient DJ

Mixmaster Morris (July 5, 1965 –) is an English ambient DJ and underground musician. Relating specifically to ambient music, Morris stated "It's exactly what you need if you have a busy and stressful life".


  • Here's three samples, now go and make a record.
    • NME, 1987.
  • I Think, Therefore I Ambient
    • written on reverse of debut LP, 1991.
  • Live the Dream, Dream the Fish
    • written on reverse of Dreamfish CD, 1993.
  • It's time to lie down and be counted.
    • various UK interviews, 1993.
  • We've had 70 years of making records. Now, we sample them.
    • The Times, 1992.
  • I'd rather lie down than jump up.
    • i-D Magazine, 1994. Said in response to the musical style known as "jump up".
  • The dance industry is flogging a dead house.
    • Mixmag 1997. Morris was fired from this job for this comment.
  • Music is for sharing with people.
    • Looking for the Perfect Beat, 2000.
  • If you're going to make music, you need to find the context in which it might be enjoyed.
    • Looking for the Perfect Beat, 2000.


  • Punk was predicated on non-musicianship.
  • Whatever you like at age 16, you will find boring at age 32.

Modulations: A history of electronic musicEdit

  • It is time to reassess what has happened in the 20th century, and to look at it with a longer lens.
  • I like the people who go the extra mile to find something more individual, with more integrity, than the stuff you get in the charts.

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