Mivchar Hapeninim

1484 book on ethics by Shlomo ben Yehudah

The Mivchar Hepeninim is an ethical work, dated 1484, Written by Rabbi Shlomo ben Yehudah in Spain.

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A good name is the proudest of pedigrees.

The eye of the needle is not too narrow for two friends and the vastness of the world not enough for two enemies.

Eyesight is of no avail if the heart be blind.

Humiliate yourself so that God may raise you up!

There is no wealth like health.

Two things will never mix: a good heart and stinginess.

Moral preachings will avail nothing to the unintelligent.

Pity the honorable man despised, the rich man beggared and the wise man fallen among fools!

What is the worst sickness? A bad neighbour.

Wisdom is the finest pedigree.

Whose heart is narrow has a broad tongue.

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