Mister God, This Is Anna


Mister God, This Is Anna is the first of a series of three books about a homeless young character Anna who is informally adopted by the fmaily of teenager Fynn, It is set in the East End of London in the 1930's. Anna has a refreshing view of a Christian "Mister God". The author "Fynn" is a pseudonym for Sydney George Hopkins and it is ambiguous how much of the work is fictional and how much is auto-biographical. The other books in the series are Anna's Book and Anna and the Black Knight.

Anna Quotes edit

Fynn (2005) (in en). Mister God, this is Anna. London: HarperCollins. Wikidata Q114469036. ISBN 978-0-00737-567-7. OCLC 891800463. 

  • The differense from a person and an angel is easy. Most of an angel is on the inside and most of a person on the outside
    • pp. 19
  • I bet mister God gets me into heaven for this
    • Last words dying after an accident with a grin on her face. p. 19, 285–8.

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