distrust or hatred of reason or reasoning

Misology is hatred of reason, revulsion or distrust of logical debate, argumentation, or the Socratic method.


  • There is no greater evil one can suffer than to hate reasonable discourse. Misology and misanthropy arise in the same way. Misanthropy comes when a man without knowledge or skill has placed great trust in someone and believes him to be altogether truthful, sound and trustworthy; then, a short time afterwards he finds him to be wicked and unreliable, and then this happens in another case; when one has frequently had that experience, especially with those whom one believed to be one's closest friends, then, in the end, after many blows, one comes to hate all men and to believe that no one is sound in any way at all. ... This is a shameful state of affairs ... and obviously due to an attempt to have human relations without any skill in human affairs.

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