English activist of the Indian independence movement (1892-1982)

Madeleine Slade P. V. (22 November 1892 – 20 July 1982), also known as Mirabehn or Meera Behn, was a British supporter of the Indian Independence Movement who in the 1920s left her home in England to live and work with Mohandas Gandhi. She devoted her life to human development and the advancement of Gandhi's principles.

Madeleine Slade (Mirabehn) in 1932

Quotes about Mirabehn

  • While I stayed at the Ashram, I spent many hours a day with Mira behn.... Even today at this distance, I remember her with great affection in my heart. ... She gave me the impression that she had found what she was looking for.
    • Ram Swarup, Hinduism and monotheistic religions (2009) Chapter 16
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