Minutemen (film)

2008 television film directed by Lev L. Spiro

Minutemen is a 2008 science-fiction Disney Channel Original Movie. The film was written by John Killoran (writing the teleplay) and David Diamond and David Weissman (writing the story) and directed by Lev L. Spiro. Andrew Gunn, Ann Marie Sanderlin and Doug Sloan are the executive producers. The movie premiered on Disney Channel in United States on January 25, 2008.


[after Mr. Tolkan, who thinks Virgil and Derek are going to fight, orders them to follow him to his office]
FBI Agent: Everybody freeze, FBI! [shows ID to Mr. Tolkan]
Mysterious Man: Stop, CIA! [shows his own ID to Mr. Tolkan]
Man - Bureau of Weights and Measures: Bureau of Weights and Measures. [shows his own ID to Mr. Tolkan]
Virgil: [to the latter agent] In the future, you should probably go first.

Jeanette: What's new, cockatoo? Hey, you look like a superhero!
Charlie: Thanks, pumpkin. [seizes Jeanette and kisses her]
Zeke: [after Charlie lets go, in an undertone] The scene in the hallway hasn't happened yet, you've never kissed her before!
Charlie: Oh, right! [turns to the leaving Jeanette] Jeanette! Jeanette, I-I'm sorry, I was just-I can explain!
[as Jeanette is leaving, she smiles]
Zeke: Dude. It's okay.

Derek: Nice snowsuits, dorks.
Virgil: Hey, Derek.
Derek: Yeah.
Virgil: Have fun with Jocelyn.
Derek: I don't know what you are talking about.
Virgil: Well I just figured that you both are good with lipstick.
Derek: You were always going to be a nerd.
Virgil: And you were always going to be a jerk.

Virgil: The Minutemen must use their powers for truth and justice
Charlie: Who's the Minutemen?
Virgil: Us. The all important minutes of time. Cool, eh?
Charlie: No.
Zeke: .Not really.

[as Jeanette wakes him up in his own bedroom]
Jeanette: Good monring, Magpie. Your mom let me in. It is such a nice day. You know, I was thinking. Maybe we could go on a walk and talk about our future together. And then... Oh! I'd like an orange house. I'd like to have an orange house.
Charlie: The results!
Jeanette: That way, you wouldn't even have to have an address and-and on the envelope you could just say "Jeanette Pachelewski, orange house."
Charlie: It's done!
Jeanette: Oh, um, I'm no scientist, but that doesn't look good.
Charlie: We created a... a...
Jeanette: A... a... Spit it out, Bluebird.
Charlie: A black hole!
Jeanette: That's bad, right?


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