milw0rm is a group of "hacktivists" best known for penetrating the computers of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Mumbai, the primary nuclear research facility of India, on June 3, 1998. The group conducted hacks for political reasons, including an anti-nuclear agenda and peace message that it spread on hacked websites.[1] The BARC attack generated heated debate on the security of information in a world prevalent with countries developing nuclear weapons and the information necessary to do so, the ethics of "hacker activists" or "hacktivists," and the importance of advanced security measures in a modern world filled with people willing and able to break into insecure international websites.

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  • "Putting the power back in the hands of the people."[2]
  • "The world is lucky we're so nice."
    • -Keystroke
  • "It's ironic that India has weapons capable of destroying the world, but they can't secure a little web server which is connected to their networks."
    • -Keystroke
  • "If you're gonna amass data which can take many lives ... at least secure it."
    • -savec0re
  • "The year is 1998. We should be moving towards world peace in the millennium, and nuclear warfare [and] testing is NO way forward. It can destroy the world. I'm only young; I don't want a hostile world on the edge of a nuclear conflict."[1]
    • -JF

The full text of the milw0rm-revised BARC website:

oh gn0, like this is what happens if j00 play with atomic energy!#@!

It g0es b00m@#@#@# so PLEEEZE, do not fuck around, didn't you parents ever teach you manners?

I like the world in its current state (i guess), well its better than the world would be if the b0mb went b00m.

think about it k1dz, its not clever, its not big, so don't think destruction is cool, coz its not.

If a nuclear war does start, you will be the first to scream.

You all saw the movie WARGAMES right? well.... That could have been us$#@

So India, LISTEN TO WISE OLD MILWORM .... You do not need nuclear weapons in the 1990s!#@!



Savec0re - JF - VeNoMouS

JF - Hamst0r - Keystoke - savec0re - ExtreemUK

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