Mildred Okwo

Nigerian film director and producer

Mildred Okwo (26 April 1966) is a Nigerian film director and producer. She was nominated for Best Director award at the 4th Africa Movie Academy Awards.


  • For me, every time I have to shoot one of those scenes (a sex scene in a movie), everybody is gone on set except the personnel needed to shoot the scene. I go out of my way to make sure that the actors are comfortable to portray what it is to portray and also I ensure that nobody takes advantage of the other because it is difficult for the guy and it’s also difficult for the woman, so it’s my duty to make everywhere comfortable so that they can portray everything they have to portray. As you were asking me how do I do it, I, first of all, empty the place, and only the people that can be there can be there. I know that some crew members can be okay but sometimes, it might make the actors uncomfortable. It’s just another scene in the movie but it’s a serious scene and I make sure my actors are not uncomfortable and I think that is why they are willing to do it for me in my films as well.”
  • A percentage of my profits from my films will be used to build a computer centre in my village. I am even more committed now to ensuring that every young person there receives free basic computer training.

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