Mike Cernovich

American writer

Michael Cernovich (November 17, 1977–) is an American alt-right social media personality, political commentator, and conspiracy theorist.

Mike Cernovich in 2018


  • I have my disagreements with the alt-right, but let’s get a win for the right in America before hashing it all out. The current attitude on the right is to fight with your own side rather than to give leftists hell. Under that model of politics, men are losing due process rights, the suicide of whites is at a record high, and there are several Islamic terrorist attacks on American soil. Until the right wins for once, I have no interest in arguing with the alt-right or disavowing anyone. Once the right has some actual power, then it will be time to have an ideological civil war. Until then, nah.
  • When I said Trump, then given a 1% change of winning the GOP primary, would win the entire election, people called me crazy. Even friends told me to keep my opinions to myself, as clearly I wasn’t smart enough to talk policy. Today those friends are quiet when they need to issue apologies.
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