Miguna Miguna

Kenyan-Canadian lawyer, author, and columnist

Miguna Miguna (born 1963) is a Kenyan lawyer and author.



  • Every single leader here, I can take to The Hague. Mark my word. I have it right here! And I am saying, Come, baby come!
    • During his book launch, [1], 2012


  • I’m vying as an independent candidate in Nairobi City County. I’m not vying as a representative of any ethnic group. I’m going to be the Governor of all patriotic Kenyans. I’m going to be the Governor of all tribes, religions, faiths, races and political persuasions.
    • Facebook post in response to detractors, [2], 2016
  • Nairobians only had crooks as candidate in 2013. Voters did not have leaders of integrity to choose from. In 2017, they will have me.
    • Facebook post in response to detractors, [3], 2016
  • In other words, the inept and malicious propaganda against me will not work. Money has never won any elections. Cartel propaganda fueled by evil, lies and malice will not emerge victorious against righteousness, integrity and vision. I represent hope and a fully liberated and cleaned up Nairobi while the cartels are determined to protect and fortify the rotten, corrupt and exploitative status quo.
    • Facebook post in response to detractors, [4], 2016
  • The provision of basic services to the people is not a privilege. Nor is it a charitable act. The people already paid for the services via the high taxes.
    • Facebook post in response to detractors, [5], 2016
  • I've been hearing that from envious people since I was in standard 1. Between 1971 when I started Primary School to when I completed by Bar Exams, I became number 1 numerous times and whenever that happened, those who had performed dismally would shout "Pride Comes Before A Fall!" Mediocre performers have continued to shout the same thing at me ever since. The good news is that green envy has never sabotaged the progress of any determined organic intellectual and visionary leader. So, yours are like the croaks of toads in a pond. They will never deter the Lion from drinking water.
    • Reply to a Facebook detractor who said "pride goes before a fall", 2016
  • The ability to write reflects on one’s capacity to think clearly.
    • Facebook post, [6], 2016

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