Miguel Angel Escotet

social scientist

Miguel Angel Escotet is a psychology and social scientist, writer, Emeritus Professor and Former Dean of the College of Education at the University of Texas at Brownsville. He is presently ABANCA's Corporate Social Responsibility Director General and President of Afundacion, a non-profit organization dedicated to higher education, innovation, aging, culture and arts.


  • Education should be related to an intercultural and interdependent world. A world in which education teaches man to foster sharing attitudes, to compete with oneself and not with others, learning to be tolerant, and to develop pity and solidarity for the suffering of mankind. A world free from prejudices, where learning to care, learning to be, learning to share, learning to grasp the whole and act on the parts, and learning to carry on learning should be society’s main objectives.
    • As quoted in Emerging Trends In Inclusive Education (2007) by Kaushal Sharma and B.C. Mahapatra, p. 347

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