Mighty Magiswords

American Flash animated fantasy-comedy television series

Mighty Magiswords (2016–19) was an American Flash animated fantasy-comedy online and television series created by Kyle A. Carrozza. The series is about Vambre and Prohyas, a sibling team of "Warriors for Hire", who go on hilarious adventures and crazy quests around the world to find and collect magical swords.

Season 1 edit

Case Clothed [1.03] edit

Prohyas: Ahoy there, lads. Stand back, or I'll pip-pip you right in the cheerios.mua

Cleanliness Is Next to Grupliness [1.05] edit

Vambre: Grup, please come down from there.
Grup: No! You guys have been acting weird all day, and I don't like it.
Prohyas: It's okay, duder. Just come down, and I'll show you my favorite Magisword trick: dolphin water.
Grup: Dolphin wa...?! You guys are doing this on purpose?! Oh, I'm getting outta here.
[He flies out of the house and Vambre and Prohyas started chasing him]


Potion in the Ocean [1.11] edit

[last lines of the episode]
Mr. Packadermus Packard: At last, they're all mine. [digging the bag] Hello... [sees an acorn] acorn? [picking up more acorns] Acorns? Acorns? Acorns? Golden acorns?!
[Mr. Packadermus Packard spills the bag full of acorns]
Mr. Packadermus Packard: NOTHING, BUT ACORNS!!! [snarls in rage] VAMBRE!!!!! PROHYAS!!!!!

Cast edit

  • Kyle A. Carrozza – Prohyas Warrior, Announcer, Grup the Dragon, Nohyas, Old Man Oldman, Slug Burger Clerk, Tree-J, Piggy, Zombie Pumpkin Magisword, Robot Piggeh, Oinkus Oinkus Magisword, Attractive Voice Magisword, Snowmanpire, Underground Handbeast, Goomer, Franklo, Attacktus, Prug, Squirrels, Helmut, Translator, Prohyas' Stomach, Biblia Tick, Monkey Chunks, Swish Navy Magisword, Naso, Hambus, Bird, Pirate 6, Pirate 7, Long Underwear Wolf, Wolf Translator, Reginald, Handbre, Wobbles, Parrot Scissor Magisword
  • Eric Bauza – Hoppus, Phil, King Rexxtopher, Landfill, Surveillance Dinos, Orange Speckled Stegosaurus

Mr. Lawrence – Ralphio, Jest-O The Best-O, Dinosaur, Loch Mess Monster, Helmut (TV Series), Carnivorous Plant Magisword

  • Grey DeLisle-Griffin – Vambre Warrior, Zange, Young Vambre, Mysterious Hooded Woman, Füd, Pirate 5, Pirate 4, Pirate 3
  • Lindsay Smith-Carrozza – Witchy Simone, Lady Hiss, Crowd Woman
  • Arin Hanson – Gateaux, Delivery Man Steve, Zonq, Additional Voices
  • Phil LaMarr – Noville, Long James Pirate Mayor, Sidney, Old Guy, The Tall Uninteresting One
  • Hal Lublin – Omnubis, Smashroom, Ice Posey, Pirate 01, Pirate 02, Pirate 08, Shopkeeper
  • Mary Faber – Morbidia, Additional Voices
  • Luke Ski – Skullivan, Docky Boardman, Nyando, Additional Voices
  • Candi Milo – Vambre's Brain, Grand Poobah, Mascott, Additional Voices
  • Jim Cummings - Keeper of the Mask, Buford, Face of Barren Faceland, Talking Cauldron
  • Townsend Coleman - Neddy the Mallet, Beeswax Crown
  • Jess Harnell – Bag Puppets, Füd Fit Theme Sing Singer
  • Ken Mitchroney - Mr. Packard, House, Sales Deer

Tom Kenny – Taunting Jester Magisword

Dana Gould – Norman Warrior, Fish Pirate

"Weird Al" Yankovic – Papa Kotassian, Additional Kotassians

Maria Bamford – Tara Byte 11.0

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