Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

CGI animated interactive children's television series

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is an American computer-animated children's television series.

Episode 1: Daisy Bo-PeepEdit

Mickey: Welcome to our clubhouse, are you ready to play? (Mickey stares at the audience for 5 seconds) ha ha, hot dog!

(Pluto sniffs on the ground, mickey put his feet up to make room for Plutos sniffs)

Mickey: speaking of dogs, look, it's Pluto, and he's sniffing for something, gee, I wonder what it could be?
Sheep: baa!
Mickey: woah, do you hear that? [Thinks] Hmm, what animal makes that sound? [Mickey pauses and thinks while Pluto continues sniffing]
Mickey: a sheep! Right! If you seen a sheep anywhere, say, sheep!

episode 2: a surprise for minnieEdit

Daisy: hmm, I wonder where mickey and donald could be? [Looks at the sky] it's getting kinda late
Minnie: (chuckles) don't worry daisy, they'll be here, mickey never forgets valentines day
Mickey: MINNIE
Minnie: mickey
Donald: daisy
both: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY (mickey chuckles)
Donald: aww

[Mickey walks up the stairs to give minnie her valentines card]

Minnie: (gasps) oh, why mickey, it's so beautiful you shouldn't have
Mickey: I made it with a little help from all my friends [mickey winks at the viewer]
Minnie: that's so sweet, thank you so much [minnie hugs mickey]
Mickey: ah, your welcome
Minnie: [to the viewer] and thank you too everybody
Minnie: oh, and, uh, mickey, [she brings out a bonquet of roses to mickey]
Minnie: this is for you
Minnie: happy valentines day [mickey blushes]
Mickey: aw minnie
Minnie: oh...

episode 3: goofy's birdEdit

Mickey: (chuckles) we got our mousketools, alright! [Mickey walks to the middle of the clubhouse
Mickey: now we can take baby red Bird back home to the forest
Baby red bird: tweet tweet tweet
Mickey: but first, we need to look through the telescope to find the forest, everybody say, telescope!
Goofy and Mickey: TELESCOPE [A cup car appears out of nowhere and straps mickey and goofy and baby red Bird in]
Mickey: (chuckles) hold on tight everybody! [A cup car zooms up like a rocket]
Mickey: woah! yippie
Goofy: he's eating [the cup car goes into the right ear of the clubhouse, the ear opens up revealing a telescope]
Mickey: the telescope can help us see things far away, let's see if we can find the forest [mickey hands out the telescope to the viewer to see]

[The telescope moves slowly to the right revealing a big display of beautiful trees] [the telescope stops at a large pond called, Mickey pond]

Mickey: is that a forest? Nope, that's a lake, forests are made out of trees, let's keep looking. [The telescope moves fast to the right, the telescope stops revealing a bar in mickey park with minnie and daisy talking to each other]
mickey: is that a forest? Nah, that's mickey park. [The telescope moves to the right yet again, the telescope stops revealing a beautiful forest with a tall tree far away from the other parts of the forest]
Mickey: is that a forest? You betcha, that's a forest! [Mickey stops looking through the telescope]
Mickey: ha, good job pal! [Mickey gives a thumbs up to the viewer watching]

Episode 13: Mickey's Tresaure HuntEdit

Mickey: Hey, everybody. It's me, Mickey Mouse. Say, you wanna come inside my clubhouse? Well, all right! Let's go. Ah, I almost forget. To make the clubhouse appear, we get to say the magic words-- Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse. Say it with me. Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse.
Kids: M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e
Mickey: It's Mickey's Treasure Hunt. Step number 1. Color the big square on the red book blue.
Minnie: That means first we have to find a red coloring book with a big square on it.
Daisy: Then, we have to color the square blue.


  1. Bar of Soap
  2. Box of Crayons: What can we use to color in the square?
  3. Building Blocks
  4. Prism

Episode 17: Mickey's TreatEdit

Donald:: Knock knock!
Pete:: Who’s there?
Mickey:: Thanks!

The mickey mouse special: mickeys great clubhouse huntEdit

[The starting scene]

Mickey: ha hey everybody, it's me mickey mouse. Say ya wanna come inside my clubhouse? [Mickey cups his hand with one ear and listens]
Mickey: well all right, let's go! [Mickey points to the left revealing a field with no clubhouse] [Mickey pops his head out on the right]
Mickey: oops! (Chuckles) gee. I forget this everytime! Now to make the clubhouse appear, we need to say the magic words, exactly right, cause if we don't, well [mickey wrinkles his fingers] something funny might happen
mickey: the magic words are, meeska, mooska, mickey mouse! Say it with me. Meeska, mooska, mickey mouse! [The intro opens as normal but with more sounds]

[Skipping 5 scenes later]

Pete: Pete's clubhouse, Pete's clubhouse, Pete's clubhouse, Pete's clubhouse, Pete's clubhouse, Pete's, clubhouse [Skipping to the clubhouse floating away scene, and when Pete says the wrong magic words]
minnie: (the doorbell rings) oh I wonder who that could be? [The handy helper gets the doorknob and opens it]
pete: (in mickeys voice) um uh, hiya minnie, I'm back with the cake, oh, I'm uh, I'm mickey mouse!
minnie: (chuckles) is that mickey? [Pete poses to reveal he's mickey mouse]
pete: I am so (in normal voice) I am so mickey I'm (in mickey voice again) the leader of the clubhouse
minnie: [minnie makes a angry face] well, if your mickey, then you know everything mickey knows right?!
pete: (in normal voice again) yeah, (back to mickey voice) sure
minnie: okay them, to open up the clubhouse, what are the right magic words. And remember what happens when you use the wrong words?
pete: um, [pete makes a confused face] let me see [pete scratches his chin] mickey said them before but now I don't remember (inhales) oh, I know, (in mickey voice) oh my it's uuuuuh, [saying the wrong magic words] peeska, pooska, pickey pouse, I mean uh uh mickey mouse, ha ha [minnie looks at the viewer]
minnie: are those the right magic words? [Pete nods]
pete: yeah yeah
minnie: oh no those are not the right magic words [brass plays as the clubhouse shakes] [the mouskedoer glitches] [and the up slide glitches too] [pete tumbles down to the ground while minnie holds on to the door arch]
minnie: (gasps) pete!
pete: what? [The clubhouse ears fly away, the easter egg banner falls off the center of the ears]
donald: hey! What's the big idea?
daisy: woah, up up and away! [Goofy was halfway out of the show garage, but the shoe garage floats away too]
goofy: gorsh, where's the ground going?
everybody expect pete: woah [pete runs]
pete: (in normal voice) this can't be right, now uh uuuh, hupsie pupsie, shoobee adoo [pete runs to the glove balloon]
pete: uh, handsie, glovesie (stutters) please come down! [The glove balloon floats away] [after that, all of the clubhouse is gone]
pete: oopise I said the wrong magic words didn't i? [Snacks his face] drat, I'm in big trouble now [pete hears mickeys humming]
Mickey: (humming to the clubhouse theme song)
pete: oh ding, dong damnit it's mickey, i gotta get out of here before he sees me [pete leaves before grabs his disguised hat]

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