Michelle Lambert

American singer-songwriter and violinist

Michelle Lambert (born 2 May 1985) is an American singer-songwriter.

Michelle Lambert in 2016


  • Marching into the woods in the darkness
    I'm Robin Hood breaking your fortress
    Light it up start the fire, gonna strike you
    Step aside cause I’m on my way to
    Rome, yeah I'm made of stone
    I walk the road alone
    Fighting for my throne Woah oh
    • "Warrior" (2015)
  • Hear the beat of the drums Woah oh
    You better run run Woah oh
    Hear the beat of the drums Woah oh
    Cause I'm a warrior, I'm a warrior
    Cause I'm a warrior
    • "Warrior" (2015)
  • Will you remember my name or at the end of the night is it all a game
    Or will you hold on to my hand together forever we will stand
    Or the sun will rise and you’ve had your prize
    And you don’t even know the color of my eyes
    • "I'm Just a Girl" (2015)
  • Tonight I’m gonna make you mine
    Oh wait, that’s not supposed to be my line
    I’m waiting on you to make your move
    Boy I know that you think your smooth
    Show me what you got cause I got a lot
    Come on set your trap I want to get caught
    • "I'm Just a Girl" (2015)
  • You’re falling all over me I’m losing myself in your mystery
    I’m afraid of loving you, I’m afraid of losing me
    I’m over my head and I’m seeing red
    But I’m waiting right here for you in my bed
    • "I'm Just a Girl" (2015)
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