Michael Peers

Canadian bishop

The Most Reverend Michael Geoffrey Peers (born 31 July 1934) was Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada from 1986 till 2004.

Michael Peers in Regina after election as Bishop of Qu'Appelle.jpg


  • Bishops are not intercontinental ballistic missiles, manufactured on one continent and fired into another as an act of aggression.
    The recent irregular ordination in Singapore is, in my opinion, an open and premeditated assault on Anglican tradition, catholic order and Christian charity.
    I ask for the prayers of the whole church for the Primates' Meeting that it may contribute to deeper comprehension, mutual trust, and godly quietness among its members and throughout the Communion.
    • On the consecration in Singapore of two conservative American bishops as an act of protest, in a Pastoral letter (28 May 2000), as published in Religious Documents North America Annual (2000), p. 70

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