Michael Madsen

American actor

Michael Madsen (born September 25, 1958) is an American actor.

Michael Madsen in 2006


  • Kids are a great excuse for you to stop acting like one.
    • Men's Health, March, 2004


  • Encourage your kids' artistic side. Toughen up everything else.
  • I encourage my boys to do stuff in the arts, but I'm also an advocate of not taking any shit, I have a heavy bag and every morning the boys go three 3-minute rounds on the heavy bag with the gloves.[1]
  • I'm a leading man trapped inside a bad guy's body.
  • Is it really selling out if it feeds your family?
  • The oddest thing is when children recognize me from Free Willy and their parents recognize me from Reservoir Dogs. The kids are, like, 'There's Glen!' and the parents are, like, 'Don't go near that guy!'
  • Well, one thing for sure, I won't be remembered for Free Willy. Or maybe I will.
  • Your children don't have to fear you to respect you.



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