Michael Kulich

founder and chairman of the adult entertainment company Monarchy Distribution

Michael Kulich (c. December 24, 1986September 24, 2016) was the founder and chairman of the adult entertainment company Monarchy Distribution.


  • The adult industry was pretty much founded by the Jews. They gravitated toward the porn industry because it's kind of the seedier cousin of the Hollywood industry which had already been controlled by the Jews. Basically, they pretty much just took it over. The godfather of the modern day porn industry, his name is Reuben Sturman, who was actually an Orthodox Jew. He owned over 200 bookstores all around the country. He's actually my godfather. What the Jews did pretty much was they revolutionized the adult industry and made it their own. So there was no space for antisemitism and they basically controlled everything. Back in the '80s, the only way to get pornography was to go through someone like Reuben Sturman, and he controlled all of his stores and all the stores that he didn't, they actually had to pay him a tax to carry his product. Reuben Sturman eventually he died in prison. They tried to get him for obscenity back in the '80s, which was a big thing. And there actually still is an obscenity risk today. But he eventually died in prison because of tax evasion, because he didn't want to pay taxes. Back in the '70s, the majority of the male porn performers were Jewish and the majority of the female performers were Roman Catholic. All the business owners are pretty much Jewish or have Jewish ties or at some point worked for a Jew.
    • See video in GoyimTV: goyimtv.tv/v/2132334977/the-Jews-control-porn-your-media-governments-and-everything-else-wake-up
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