Michael Ironside

Canadian actor

Frederick Reginald Ironside (February 12, 1950–), known as Michael Ironside, is a Canadian actor, producer, director, and screenwriter.

Michael Ironside in 2009

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  • You take somebody on a golf course and their character defects and shortcomings come out. That’s how I picked my manager, my accountant, and my lawyer. You get someone who hits a bad shot and who goes crazy, and throws the club, you want him working for you? You want him to represent you? You get someone who hits a bad shot and who goes “how can I correct that? Do you have any ideas?” That’s the guy I hire. But also, I work all the time. I don’t take big vacations. Sometimes, a golf game is the only thing I get.
  • Sci-fi was always understood to be politically based. It’s a way of setting up a political message in a format that people can digest. If you tell somebody “That person’s a liar,” they can say, “No, I saw him last week and I trust him.” But if you make them a reptile and give them the same information, they’ll say, “Yeah, he’s a reptile. They all lie.” That’s the great thing about sci-fi.

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