Michael Bruce

Scottish poet and hymnist (1746-1767)

Michael Bruce (March 27, 1746July 15, 1767) was a Scottish poet and hymnist.

Quotes edit

  • Now Spring returns; but not to me returns.
    • "Elegy on Spring" (1767), line 1.
  • In every pang that rends the heart
    The Man of Sorrows had a part
    • "Where high the heavenly temple stands".
  • 'Tis very vain for me to boast
    How small a price my Bible cost,
    The day of judgment will make clear
    'Twas very cheap — or very dear,
    • Inscription on a Bible,Epigram- The Works of Michael Bruce ed:with memoir and notes by Andrew B Grosart, Murray And Gibb, Printers, Edinburgh (1864).

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