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Michael Bishop

American writer

Michael Lawson Bishop (born November 12, 1945, in Lincoln, Nebraska) is an award-winning American science fiction and fantasy writer.


No Enemy But Time (1982)Edit

All page numbers from the mass market edition published by Bantam Books
  • Necessary is often the mother of light fingers instead of invention.
    • Chapter 10 “Fruit of the Looms” (p. 76)
  • Paleoanthropologists were congenitally media-oriented.
    • Chapter 17 “Pensacola, Florida” (p. 147)
  • Extinction confers on the has-been the same mythological status that imagination confers on the never-was.
    • Chapter 18 “In a Season of Drought” (p. 158)
  • You can’t go home again, particularly if you never had one.
    • Chapter 23 “Panama City, Florida” (p. 206)
  • They had both changed in eight years, eroded or subtly augmented by the sweep of time’s river.
    • Chapter 30 “Marakoi, Zarakal” (p. 303)
  • Here he was, not quite twenty-five years old, and he was going to have to make a new life for himself. A host of options lay before him, but, tipsy with Chablis and sunshine, at the moment all he could truly feel was a powerful sense of loss and uncertainty. All the routes to his previous self—the self that had tried to survive as a loner in Fort Walton Beach—were blocked, and he did not know which new path to choose.
    “Ciao,” he said again, and this time he was not talking to his mother.
    • Chapter 30 “Marakoi, Zarakal” (p. 315; closing words)
  • Time, as it always does, passed.
    • Coda (p. 316)

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