Michael Apted

British television and film director and producer (1941–2021)

Michael David Apted (10 February 1941–7 January 2021) was a British director, producer, writer and actor.

Quotes edit

  • It is risky, in this cynical and mocking age, to make a determinedly traditional biopic … a film willing to focus on the good that men do.
  • I think doing a documentary is one set of your muscles and doing a drama is another. You can learn from both of them -- how to place material, where you build it. I learned those lessons doing both documentaries and drama. Both of them helped the other; how to keep things interesting on camera when interviewing them, the same way you keep the actor of a drama alive and not just doing it by numbers. The dramas I do are usually character-driven. It’s very similar to doing a documentary; in a drama you’re always trying to build to something. I say to documentary directors to look at more dramas, to give it more wit so you don’t put one great thing at the beginning; structure the documentary to keep the audience’s interest. I learned a lot in documentaries about how to cut performances in dramas and to keep the audience on their toes.

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