person or thing that carries a message

A messenger or courier is a person or thing that carries a message.

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The messengers of thy Ka are come for thee; the messengers of thy father are come for thee; the messengers of are come for thee. ~ Pyramid Text
  • The messenger gave heed to the words of his king. He journeyed by the starry night, and by day he travelled with Utu of heaven. Where and to whom will he carry the important message of Inana with its stinging tone? He brought it up into the Zubi mountains, he descended with it from the Zubi mountains. Susa and the land of Anšan humbly saluted Inana like tiny mice. In the great mountain ranges, the teeming multitudes grovelled in the dust for her. He traversed five mountains, six mountains, seven mountains. He lifted his eyes as he approached Aratta. He stepped joyfully into the courtyard of Aratta, he made known the authority of his king. Openly he spoke out the words in his heart. The messenger transmitted the message to the lord of Aratta.
  • The true Cynic must know that he is sent as a Messenger from God to men, to show unto them that as touching good and evil they are in error; looking for those where they are not to be found, nor ever bethinking themselves where they are.
    • Epictetus Golden Sayings of Epictetus, 113, as translated by Hastings Crossley.
  • Every word is a messenger. Some have wings; some are filled with fire; some are filled with death.
  • I well believe it, to unwilling ears; none love the messenger who brings bad news.
    • Sophocles, Antigone, lines 276–77.—The Dramas of Sophocles, trans. Sir George Young, p. 16 (1888). A sentinel is speaking to Creon.
  • The heart of God through his creation stirs,
    We thrill to feel it, trembling as the flowers
    That die to live again, — his messengers,
    To keep faith firm in these sad souls of ours.
    • Celia Thaxter, "Rockweeds" in The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 21 (March 1868), p. 269.

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Quotes reported in Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895).

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