Meredith Tax

American writer

Meredith Tax (born in 1942) is an American writer and political activist. She is regarded as a pioneer of the US women's liberation movement.


"Culture is not Neutral, Whom Does it Serve?" (1972)Edit

in in Radical Perspectives in the Arts, edited by lee Baxandall (1972), pp. 15-29
  • Cultural products which present foreign wars as the heroic effort of a master race to ennoble mankind are, to the degree they are successful as art, objectively in the interests of imperialists, who are people who make foreign wars against other races for profit.
    • p. 15
  • Cultural products that present people who have no money or power as innately stupid or depraved, and thus unworthy of money or power, are in the interests of the ruling class and the power structure as it stands.
    • p. 15
  • Cultural products which present women who do not want to be household slaves or universal mothers or sex objects as bitches or sexual failures objectively aid male supremacy.
    • p. 15
  • In our times, to refrain from mentioning genocide, racism, cultural schizophrenia, sexual exploitation, and the systematic starvation of entire populations is itself a political act. ... As our bankrupt civilization draws to its close, and as the violence of the powerful against the weak, of the rich against the poor, of the few against the many, becomes more and more apparent, until it becomes impossible to watch a news broadcast and remain unaware of it for a second — as this situation becomes exacerbated, to refrain from mentioning it becomes more and more clearly a political act, an act of censorship or cowardice.
    • p. 16

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