Mercy Kainobwisho

Ugandan lawyer and business executive

Mercy Kainobwisho (born c.1979) also referred to as Mercy Kyomugasho Kainobwisho (born c.1979), is a Ugandan lawyer, business administrator and corporate executive, who serves as the registrar general and executive director of the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB), effective December 2020.

Quotes edit

  • “Intellectual property is one of the single largest opportunities for companies to increase strategic business value, create new business opportunities, and accelerate barriers to entry for competitors. IP represents a significant, untapped opportunity for revenue generation,”
  • “The government of Uganda is well aware of the benefits and role that Intellectual Property can play to accelerate the socio-economic development of our country. The passing of the national IP policy aimed at stimulating effective and strategic use of intellectual property in all sectors in order to attain rapid economic development,”
  • “Business enterprises irrespective of size must be innovative to remain relevant and competitive locally and regionally. However, innovators need to protect their intellectual property in order to gain from their creativity.”

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