Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson Okojie (born 28 August 1984) is a Nigerian actress.

Mercy Johnson


  • People will keep criticizing when they want exactly what you have. They hate and they talk, but they want what you have. They crave to have what they have. So when they talk, the only way to shut them up is to even do better and up your game.
    • [1] Mercy Johnson speaks on Criticism.
  • Challenges are normal, going above them and still achieving your dream is humane. Always look at the goal and not the challenges at the side.
    • [2] Mercy Johnson speaks on Challenges.
  • There are always obstacles in life when you want to achieve greatness. It makes you a strong person, being able to go through all the hurdles, and still come out tops is what makes you successful.
    • [3] Mercy Johnson speaks on Strength.
  • I use the scale of preference. I live my life based on what is more important and that’s how I follow it.
    • [4] Mercy Johnson speaks on Marriage.
  • Health is wealth and how you take care of yourself determines how long you will last. You can use a product and support it with healthy eating and exercise. So anyone that tells you there is a weight loss product you can use that will work without eating well and doing some form of exercise is lying.
    • [5] Mercy Johnson speaks on Health.

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