Melonpool is a webcomic by Steve Troop.

New Series Edit

"Original Series" Edit

  • Mayberry Melonpool
"To the time machine!"
as Dr. McCoy: "I'm a doctor, not a fictional country town!"
  • Ralph Zinobop
"It smelled like democracy..."
"Never send an android to do a Melotian's job."
  • Ralphie Zinobop
discussing Star Wars II: "Quick! Tell him about the clones!"
  • Sam T. Dogg
"There's nothing less conspicuous than six aliens pulling a 108-foot mallard out of a tarpit at the crack of dawn..."
  • Conversations
Jalea: "Eek! He's got a gun!"
Roberta: "That's not a gun, that's the Dup-o-Matic!"
Fauntelroy shoots them
"Jaberta":: "...or the Fuse-o-Matic..."

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