Melody (1971 film)

1971 British film directed by Waris Hussein

Melody is a 1971 British film about "puppy love". A "tween-age" boy falls in love with a "tween-age" girl. It is 1970. The expression "tween" is not in vogue yet, but corporal punishment is.

Directed by Waris Hussein. Written by Andrew Berkin and Alan Parker.


Maureen: Do you kiss boys, Muriel?
Muriel: Sometimes, if I like him enough.
Melody: Aren't you frightened?
Muriel: Oh, why should I be frightened? It's quite nice when you get used to it.

[Daniel wants to dance with Melody]
Daniel: I've got to dance with her.
Ornshaw: You're mad! What do you want to do that for? She'll only say "Buzz off!" or something. She's a bit stuck up that one. This whole girl-nonsense is rubbish. Girls are a load of snotty-nosed little so-and-so's.

Ornshaw: Some people are winners and some people are losers.
Daniel: Who says who's gonna be what?
Ornshaw: Don't ask me, that's all done before we get on this earth. I mean, it's him up there. He says, "You, you're gonna be red-hot at the triple jump, and you, you're gonna be bloody useless!"

[in the school office about to get "slippered"]
Mr. Dicks: Now, why are you here, Ornshaw?
Ornshaw: Because you invited me, sir.
Mr. Dicks: And why did I invite you, Ornshaw?
Ornshaw: Well, because I couldn't translate the Latin, sir.
Mr. Dicks: Why, Ornshaw? Why?
Ornshaw: Because it's a bloody silly out-of-date language do you mean, sir?
Mr. Dicks: Two was it, Ornshaw... I think we'll make it four... [trying to hold his temper] ...And why do you think it's a... silly out-of-date language, Ornshaw?
Ornshaw: Well, because I couldn't speak to a dead Roman even if I knew the bloody lingo, sir!

Melody: [reading from a tombstone] "Fifty years' happiness." How long's fifty years?
Daniel: A hundred and fifty school terms, not including holidays.
Melody: Will you love me that long?
Daniel: [nods] Mmm-hmmm.
Melody: I don't think you will.
Daniel: Of course. I've loved you a whole week already, haven't I?


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