Melissa O'Neil

Canadian singer and actress

Melissa Crystal O'Neil (born July 12, 1988) is a Canadian singer and actress.

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  • Theatre is a terrific environment to hone your storytelling skills as well as fine tune your performance, both of which I'm very grateful for and that I use in my prep process for this medium [of television], also, when you have a live audience, they are the last member of the cast, if you will. You can rehearse a show as much as you want, but you have no idea how that night will turn out until your final company member is in the house, and that's the audience.
  • I think what I love the most about sci-fi (fandom) or people that are fans of sci-fi is that they are really hooked on the details and the storytelling aspect of everything. I’ve really enjoyed, I love jamming about scenes and the content of what we’re talking about and the themes in the show. And people are genuinely interested in the world that we’ve created and it’s really fun to talk to them about it. It almost feels like we’re talking at work, like I’m talking to another co-worker because they are just as invested and interested in the details and the nuances as we are. And I don’t think that any other kind of genre has that kind of attention to detail. So I think that’s kind of my favorite part of sci-fi fans.

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