American thrash metal band

Megadeth is an American thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California.

Song lyrics edit

All songs written by Dave Mustaine, unless noted.

Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good! (1985) edit

Prepare the patients scalp
To peel away
Metal caps his ears
He'll hear not what we say
Solid steel visor
Riveted cross his eyes
Iron staples close his jaws
So no one hears his cries.
  • The Skull Beneath the Skin

Peace Sells... but Who's Buying (1986) edit

What do you mean, "I ain't kind"?
I'm just not your kind.
Don't summon the devil,
Don't call the priests,
If you need the strength,
The conjuring
  • The Conjuring
What do you mean, "I don't believe in God"?
I talk to him every day.
What do you mean, "I don't support your system"?
I go to court when I have to.
What do you mean, "I can't get to work on time"?
I got nothing better to do
And, what do you mean, "I don't pay my bills"?
Why do you think I'm broke? Huh?
  • Peace Sells
Killer, intruder, homicidal man
If you see me coming run as fast as you can
A bloodthirsty demon who's stalking the street
I hack up my victims like pieces of meat.
Blood thirsty demon, sinister fiend,
Bludgeonous slaughters, my evil deeds.
  • Good Mourning/Black Friday
A merciless butcher who lives underground
I'm out to destroy and I will cut you down.
  • Good Mourning/Black Friday
Take another drink and raise the last bets
Think about my last words
They might be what I just said.
  • My Last Words

So Far, So Good... So What! (1988) edit

The arsenal of megadeth can't be rid they said
And if it comes, the living will envy the dead
  • Set The World Afire
Put your hand right up my shirt
Pull the strings that make me work
Jaws will part, words fall out
Like a fish with hook in mouth
  • Hook in Mouth

Rust In Peace (1990) edit

Brother will kill brother, spilling blood across the land
Killing for religion, something I don't understand
  • Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
Because I don't say it, don't mean I ain't thinkin' it
Next thing you know they'll take my thoughts away
  • Holy Wars... The Punishment
Military intelligence; two words combined that can't make sense.
  • Hangar 18
Don't ask what you can do for your country
Ask what your county can do for you"
  • Take No Prisoners
I rule on land, air and sea
Pass judgment on humanity
Winds blow from the bowels of hell
Will we give warnings, only time will tell
  • Rust in Peace... Polaris
Launch the Polaris
The end doesn't scare us
When will this cease
The warheads will all rust in peace!
  • Rust in Peace... Polaris

Countdown to Extinction (1992) edit

Just like the Pied Piper,
led rats through the streets.
We dance like marionettes,
swaying to the symphony of destruction.
You take a mortal man, and put him in control.
Watch him become a God, watch people's heads a roll.
  • Symphony of Destruction
Hello me, meet the real me.
  • Sweating Bullets
Feeling paranoid, true enemy or false friend?
Anxiety's attacking me and my air is getting thin
I'm in trouble for the things, I haven't got to yet
I'm chomping at the bit and my palms are getting wet.
  • Sweating Bullets
Feeling claustrophobic, like the walls are closing in
Blood stains on my hands and I don't know where I've been
I'm in trouble for the things, I haven't got to yet
I'm sharpening the axe and my palms are getting wet.
  • Sweating Bullets
And when you kill a man, you're a murderer.
Kill many, and you're a conqueror.
Kill them all, you're a god.
  • Captive Honour (written by Ellefson & Mustaine)

Youthanasia (1994) edit

Set the ball a-rollin,
I'll be clicking off the miles,
On the train of consequences
My boxcar life o' style,
My thinking is derailed,
I'm tied up to the tracks,
The train of consequences
There ain't no turning back!
  • Train of Consequences
Don't remember where I was
I realized life was a game
The more seriously I took things
The harder the rules became
  • À Tout le Monde
I had no idea what it'd cost
My life passed before my eyes
I found out how little I accomplished
All my plans denied.
  • À Tout le Monde
Moving on is a simple thing
What it leaves behind is hard
  • À Tout le Monde

Cryptic Writings (1997) edit

Living alone, falling from grace
I want to atone, but there’s just empty space
I can’t face tomorrow, now you’re not coming back
Walked off in the night and just left me the tracks.
  • Almost Honest

Risk (1999) edit

My head is talking to me, I don't know what it needs
But the loudest voice is the one that I heed
  • Insomnia
My victims are rich or poor, young or old, strong or weak
I cause millions of accidents, I am cancer in your bones
I fathered the lie, twist what you say, speak not the truth
I am insidious, impartial, deep inside your chromosomes
  • Prince of Darkness
I am more powerful than all the armies of the world
I am more violent than violence, more deadly than death
I have destroyed more men than all the nation's wars
I am relentless, unpredictable, waiting for your last breath
  • Prince of Darkness
I'll be there for you, when you walk through the fire
I'll be there for you when the flames get higher
When nothing fits, and nothing seems right
To the very last breath of my life
I'll be there for you
  • I'll Be There (written by Mustaine & Prager}

The World Needs a Hero (2001) edit

Phantom rule, the hidden jewel who's really in control?
On puppet strings, a nation swings undermined by moles
  • The World Needs a Hero
If you took your own direction
If only you practice what you preach
If you follow your advice
You wouldn't be burning bridges all the time
  • Burning Bridges

The System Has Failed (2004) edit

As I climb onto your back, I will promise not to sting
I will tell you what you want to hear and not mean anything
Then I treat you like a dog, as I shoot my venom in
You pretend you didn't know, that I am a scorpion
  • The Scorpion
Metal's king back then
And still is to this day
Others imitate or challenge
But it never goes away
This is our way of life
A life that was born free
To follow orders how to live
Was never meant to be
  • Back in the Day
Metal's king back then
And still is to this day
Others imitate or challenge
But it never goes away
  • Back in the Day
So live your life and live it well
There's not much left of me to tell
I just got back up each time I fell
  • Of Mice and Men

United Abominations (2007) edit

How can there be any logic in biological war?
  • Washington is Next!
Disengage their minds, sabotage their health
Promote sex and war and violence in the kindergardens
Blame the parents and teachers, it's their fault.
  • Washington is Next!
You may bury the bodies, but you cant bury the crimes only
Fools stand up and really lay down their arms
No not me, not when death lasts forever
  • United Abominations
The U.N. is right, you can't be anymore 'un'
than you are right now, the U.N. is undone.
Another mushroom cloud, another smoking gun
The threat is real, the locust king has come.
  • United Abominations
NATO invaded Yugoslavia to end ethnic cleansing, there was no U.N.
The U.S. invaded Afghanistan after 9/11, there was no U.N.
Saddam Hussein violated 17 U.N. resolutions; The U.N. was asked to join the
war in Iraq. The U.S. invaded, Ha! there was no U.N.
Libya bombed a discotheque in Berlin killing Americans, there was no U.N.
Iran funds Hamas, and attacked the U.S. in the
seventies, there was no stinking U.N.
Facing War without end, looking into the future, there was no more U.N.
  • United Abominations

Endgame (2009) edit

The ex-president signed a secret bill
That can land a legal U.S. citizen in jail
And the Patriot Act stripped away our constitutional rights
They say a concentration camp just popped up. Yeah, right!
  • Endgame
Refuse the chip? Ha! Get persecute and beat by the
Tyranny of mind control, for the mark of the beast
All rights removed, you're punished captured, and enslaved
Believe me when I say, "This is the Endgame!"
  • Endgame

Th1rt3en (2011) edit

Where hath the apostles gone?
Joining hands with wicked ones
Revelation has come to pass
New World Order will hold the mass
Because I've stood here 13 times, and I'm still alive!
Public enemy number one
Jailbreak and a smoking gun
You wont believe the things I've done
And the killing is just for fun
  • Public Enemy No. 1 (written by Mustaine & Johnny K)
Secret bureaucracy, it’s just a lie
The devil’s henchmen, in suit and tie
A sacred brotherhood; an ancient rite
Politicians and the double lives they hide
  • We the People (written by Mustaine & Johnny K)
Where hath the apostles gone?
Joining hands with wicked ones
Revelation has come to pass
New world order will hold the mass
  • New World Order (written by Mustaine & Menza)
At the start of time
Many centuries ago
Came the spawning of Christ
And the Antichrist
And darkness fell upon our people
And the children, they were born faceless
Without eyes they could not see
Born unto themselves
They lived and they died
In the Millennium of the Blind
  • Millennium of the Blind

Super Collider (2013) edit

You'll never see a ray of daylight
So far in debt you're struggling to survive
But you will break your back fighting and they'll help
Before you let them break your pride
  • Dance in the Rain

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