Medieval II: Total War

video game

The PC game Medieval II: Total War was created by The Creative Assembly and was published by SEGA

Game IntrosEdit

  • Medieval II: Total War Intro: Storm clouds gather over Europe, mistrust and rivalries between realms threaten to break and flood the world in a tide of Total War.
  • Teutonic Campaign: War, a scourge that breaks out wherever different faiths meet. Being the last of the pagan kingdoms, Lithuania faces a bloody destiny, hunted by the Teutonic Knights, they must give up their false gods, or they must risk giving up their lives instead, in an ungodly war!
  • Americas Campaign: War, it was no stranger to the people of the New World. Blood and death were always a part of life in this hidden lands. But when the Old World arrived from across the seas. It would clash with the new in a war that forever change the Americas.
  • Crusades Campaign: War, it is no stranger to men of faith. Who are driven to fight with a fury no king or sultan can inspire. From across the sands and the seas. They fight for the holy lands. To ensure the hell that is their lives will grant their passage into heaven.
  • Britannia Campaign: War, it has always been a part of life in the British Isles. From Roman times until present day, no king or emperor has called this realm his own. Five kings now stand ready to do battle over this lands. They will make Britannia theirs, or die in the attempt.

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