Mavis Owureku-Asare

Ghanaian food scientist

Mavis Owureku-Asare is a Ghanaian food scientist.

Quotes edit

  • I have had to jump many hurdles to get to where I am now and it hasn’t been easy as a professional, wife and mother but what keeps me going are the success stories of the food processors and farmers I engage on a day to day basis. They are my inspiration—I love the practical solutions I offer which potentially improves their businesses and livelihoods.
  • It doesn’t necessarily have to be medicine. You know how our parents and the society at large expect that once you are a science student, then the best career option is to be a medical doctor. I respect the medical field a lot but I think this pressure we put on our children to become medical doctors has negative impact on our kids especially when they are not able to make the cut to the medical school. You don’t have to be a medical doctor to become the best that you can be as a science student.
  • We have what it takes as Ghanaians and scientists to provide solutions that are tailored towards our needs in Ghana. We do not always need to import ideas and technologies that may not even work out for us. It seems that we are good at importing solutions that we feel we need. This is also because we have not been able to look for them ourselves. We are just importing. Sometimes they are even dumped on us. And when we try to apply them on the field or farmers try to adopt them, it does not work. So, it is important for us to develop our own solutions.

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