Maurice Goldhaber

American physicist (1911-2011)

Maurice Goldhaber (April 18, 1911 – May 11, 2011), wass an Austrian-American physicist, who established together with James Chadwick, while working in 1934 at the Cavendish Laboratory, that the neutron isn't a compound of electron and proton. In 1957, together with Lee Grodzins and Andrew Sunyar, he established that neutrinos have negative helicity.

Maurice Goldhaber in 1937


  • Then I went to the Cavendish and there I took Rutherford’s course in nuclear physics. He was a very dramatic lecturer and full of anecdotes. He made it come alive. So this was very impressive--also very phenomenological, everything he did; very simple derivations. I think that’s very important for the first learning and this is perhaps something students now miss. They get the theory of nuclear physics thrown at them; sometimes before they ever know there is a phenomenon they have the complete theory of it. The phenomena are not sufficiently emphasized, I think, in teaching today.
    • Interview of Maurice Goldhaber by Charles Weiner and Gloria Lubkin at Brookhaven National Laboratory on January 10, 1967, Niels Bohr Library & Archives, American Institute of Physics, College Park, MD USA [1]
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